Hundreds of students in an art school in Xi’an was beaten by the police beating steel police – Sohu unfccc

Xi’an art school hundreds of students the teacher was beaten steel police intervention – Sohu culture channel girls were playing a babe who visible red blood. The figures are from Xi’an evening news, Xi’an evening news August 29th, August 27th at 3:58 in the afternoon, Ms. Zhao received her call, and was very anxious. Then her daughter through WeChat sent 3 photos, it is to let Zhao xinrudaoge. Her daughter Beibei (a pseudonym) by the teacher to take the steel rod wounded, a red bloodstains left behind, the surrounding skin bruises. It is said that more than 130 students and learn art together have been hit. Involved in the school gate. Daughter had said to her parents fear the teacher, mom, we were beaten." The afternoon of August 27th, Ms. Zhao, who lives in Xi’an friendship road suddenly received her call, telephone number display is a teacher, is where the life of the school teacher training babe. The other side of the phone, heard her daughter said he was beaten, Zhao anxious. Beibei said on the phone, because we did not answer the question raised by the teacher, more than 130 students were almost all the teacher hit, and hit is actually a steel stick. Hung up the phone, Zhao received her daughter sent photos. The photo is Beibei shot himself, she saw the red blood left a daughter side buttocks, playing a significant bruising marks on the skin. Zhao quickly call to his wife. "You have to give the unit a holiday, the daughter had an accident!" Zhao mood some out of control. August 27th at 5 pm, the reporter saw Zhao and her wife lee. A meeting, she took out the phone, with tears to send her daughter to open the photos to reporters. We are more than and 50 years old, the husband has high blood pressure, to now also did not give him to see these photos, afraid he can’t stand." Ms. Zhao tidied the mood, baby 18 years old this year, the senior school. My daughter loves painting, before this painting training class a few times, in May this year, pay 60 thousand yuan, the babe here art, fully enclosed management, has been training at the end of December, waiting to participate in the examination of art. Zhao said her daughter can go home once a week. In July, Justin came back and said, teach her painting teacher student, very afraid. As parents, they also encourage her daughter to learn, eat bitter what, to a little bear. They feel that the teacher will not make things too special, students do not obey, education, but also understand. However, less than a month’s time, Ms. Zhao and Mr. Lee think impossible, really happened. "Regret, the Queen Mother regret. Really did not expect……" In the police station, Beibei due to injury can not sit, can only stand to accept the police inquiry. The student said after being hit "did not dare say anything of this training school is closed management, students’ mobile phone are handed in, my daughter took the teacher’s life the phone told us about it." Ms. Zhao said, her daughter to learn painting here, the pressure is particularly large, the original face was white, but now long face pox. Beibei where the school is called Xi’an Zhuo Zhuo art and culture school, is located in Changan Road, South extension workers.相关的主题文章: