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.puters-and-Technology .puter technology has been mounting up rapidly to its peak and its enormous growth rate is being reported every day. However, there is another side of this tremendous success. The all-inclusive technology has been observing the black hat illegal sides of it too. Millions of viruses, malware, adware and other malicious software are lurking everywhere on the Internet world to steal the personal information of the users to use these to fill their coffers. Keylogger is a sort of malicious program that hack your .puter and monitor the keystrokes you make and send these information to the hacker. If you make any online purchase, the hacker can know the transaction information of the purchase and can steal the money from your account with the help of this program. So it is very important to detect whether your .puter has got a keylogger and if it is so you need to erase the program. With .puter support steps you can delete the program. There are different types of keylogging methods are being used by the hackers. Stating from the hardware and software based program they range from electromagnetic and acoustic analysis too. If you have the slightest concern that your .puter has got keylogger logged in, you need to identify it immediately, suggest the .puter support experts. For this you will need to use software to detect the key software on your system. The easiest way to detect the keylogger is to run an anti-virus scan. Lots of anti-spyware is available in the market. And you can use a trusted one to detect the keylogger. A good spy ware can not only detect the keylogger but it will also direct you on how to remove the keylogger. After running your regular spy ware, if you notice the problem still persists, you can run stand alone software to do the required scan. Many users like this option. .puter support people also say that this can scan your .puter and can detect virus and can detect the infected files too. For doing this, you can visit some popular websites that are familiar with the keylogger issues. You will need to be careful and selective before you buy any anti spy ware because there are too many websites online that can lure you to buy their own software. To detect the keylogger you can go to the task manager and can see the programs that are running in the background, suggest the .puter support experts. If you go to the task manager and can see some unusual programs are running on the system, you will know your system has been hacked by the keylogger program. Once you have detected the anti spyware, you will need to remove these from your system. You can use some good software to do the work or you. You need to make sure that once you have removed the keylogger program you have restarted your .puter. It is important to reboot your .puter and clear the hard drive. You need to scan every single file before you load them again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: