In the circle of friends to see the world, it is true to say goodbye to the last 2016 false – Sohu t

Look over the world in the circle of friends is really a fake – finally bid farewell to the 2016 tourism Sohu in the last week of eleven holiday, although the national highway in the traffic around the hotel have been full, each city scenic entrance are lined up, ninety-nine percent tourists suffer the fate of being slaughtered. But there is still a first body for travel up to the people, to avoid N or minefield mining niche or interesting or delicious way to travel, live the grand circle of friends for us. Who said that the holiday home is about to die? You can make your own food! Who said the vacation will go out by huge crowds of people buried? That must be the way you open it! How to the most beautiful gesture in the circle of friends, and praise? Take a look at the travel of people is how to break the eleven holiday! Hin looks the most beautiful scenery along the way to record (@ Chen Yingxin photo) [Beihai] is not the real beauty of the attractions that People are hurrying to and fro., the appreciation of the heart — from Weizhou Island sunset cliff. (Guangzhou Fei Xiao Bian winning photo) [Shenzhen] no matter what city, I almost go to see the sunset there. Pushed open the door, by the seaside sunset amazing, golden light to the beach, will shine. (Chen Lingping) [Xiamen] the last typhoon hit Xiamen, so the eleven holiday gave us a good weather. Now Gulangyu Islet is almost everyone, but Huang CuO Beach Road around the island is very quiet, the coastal walk to feel the fresh breeze, romantic and poetic. (@ Shanghai flying small Shi Lizhi photo) [Qinghai] Saline Lake tea card, like a fairyland. Just to see tramp over mountains and through ravines, the legend of the mirror in the sky. (@ Chongqing fly small Chou tannin photo) [Zhangye] rolling in the Qilian mountains with vast hilly grassland, the route from Xining to Zhangye national highway G227, like painting in general, is the third time I went to. (early @1991 photo) [Inner Mongolia] Wulanbu series this time has gradually faded prairie colors, but most exudes a soft light in autumn. (@Cynkia) [Kanas] autumn is the most beautiful season of Populus euphratica forest. Leaves flashing, flashing yellow light, reflected in the blue sky, the most beautiful fairy tale in autumn. (@Jim) [Lijiang] at the moment I am in more than four thousand meters on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, this piece of Paradise snowy glaciers clouds, from the foot to the top of the hill, fully two of the world. (@ Zhang box photo) [Xinjiang] was locked in the mountain for two days, but finally go down. Fortunately, this snow, let the dushanzi-korla highway become more beautiful, more than the continuous snow capped mountains, spectacular alps! (little Sally) (Oakland, New Zealand) in the night sky, the sky is clear and bright. A wayward time, I lived in the mansion, see exclusive courtyard stars here. (@ volume coco photo) [Finland] this is the color of autumn in Finland.!相关的主题文章: