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Interview: world economic recovery look forward to Hangzhou thinking – interview with the famous economist Yifu Lin – Finance – People’s group of twenty leaders summit will be held in Hangzhou. The former World Bank senior vice president and chief economist Yifu Lin, former Duisburg in Germany, said in an interview with Xinhua, in the global economy is facing downward pressure in the background, he expects the Hangzhou summit to form a clear idea, and contribute to global economic recovery. Yifu Lin said that the main challenge facing the global economy is that the developed countries have not yet fully recovered from the global financial crisis, slow growth in import demand, and thus have an impact on the economies of developing countries. "Now the global economy is facing downward pressure," said Yifu Lin, before the financial crisis, Global trade growth rate is two times the economic growth rate, and now trade growth is slow, even less than economic growth. Yifu Lin believes that both developed and developing countries should carry out structural reforms. If the countries at the summit in Hangzhou to reach a consensus and action together, will help to eliminate the bottleneck of growth, to help the global economic recovery. Yifu Lin said that the main obstacle to the economic development of the developing countries is the lack of infrastructure construction, Chinese proposed "The Belt and Road" initiative on infrastructure interoperability as the starting point, is very important to the global economic recovery and improve economic governance initiatives. He said, to improve the infrastructure to help "The Belt and Road along the country’s economic development, at the same time, the construction of Chinese can also use in the field of infrastructure construction in the country’s competitiveness. "This is a win-win for China, other developing countries and developed countries," Yifu Lin said, "this is why we put forward the" The Belt and Road ‘initiative in many countries, our response initiated by reason of the establishment of the Asian infrastructure investment bank in developed countries are also actively involved in the." Improving global economic and financial governance is one of the main topics of the Hangzhou summit. In this regard, Yifu Lin said that the current global economic governance system is established after the Second World War in the United States based developed countries, to contribute to economic development after World War ii. However, with the increase in the proportion of developing countries such as China in the world economy, the right to speak of developing countries in the current system does not match their status, and can not fully reflect their contribution to the global economy. He hoped that China as a developing country to host the G20 summit to develop the aspirations of developing countries. The summit will discuss the issue of green finance for the first time. At present, the G20 green financial comprehensive report has been formed. The green financial report clearly the definition, purpose and scope, and challenges for the development of all countries, and green finance brainstorming, to support global economic transition to a green and low carbon. Yifu Lin said that global warming is a common challenge facing mankind, each country should make its due contribution in accordance with their actual situation. In recent years, China attaches great importance to green technology and green development. Countries in this area to cooperate, can drive investment, create demand and employment, the global economy out of the current weakness also help. Click to view the topic (commissioning editor Qiao Xuefeng and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: