IPhone 7 known issues and a wave of Bluetooth cameras are called (video) diying

Known issues with iPhone 7 wave lens are linked by Bluetooth call Tencent digital news (Wu Bin) every year, the new iPhone release will be accompanied by praise and criticism, although this year Apple’s innovation ability has been repeatedly questioned, but still did not affect iPhone global sales. Although not as usual this year Apple released in the first week of sales, but according to the statistical data of third parties, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the first week of sales with 6S flat, despite veiled on iPhone 7, but the global fruit powder awesome or let Apple spent the first week of the new firm and secure the sale of iPhone. To engage in a iPhone 7 starting the evaluation by hardware Jedi but with more and more users get and use of a new mobile phone, iPhone 7 also will be exposed many problems, including the current sound, fever, loss of signal and so on, people will have these issues to the node in the first batch of iPhone 7 quality control however, some people also use them due to the unreasonable design of products. Summarizes some problems of 7 occurred in the near future we also for the first time on iPhone, check out these problems if you hurt? October 9th update of recent exposure: 1 new iPhone 7 requires Apple ID activation spread: low this is the recent exposure of the problem, and the degree is not high, users reflect their new iPhone 7 for the first time activation, actually need to enter the Apple ID, you know Apple in order to ensure the data does not leak the user’s mobile phone is lost when did restore factory settings after validation Apple ID (Activation Lock design), but for a new iPhone Apple ID activation is completely won’t listen to reason. A foreign friends also just received a new 256GB with a bright black iPhone 7 at boot time appeared to unlock the screen; he said "look like someone has used this iPhone, and asked to enter the correct account password". This problem is not only iPhone 7, also appeared in some 6s. At present, users have encountered such a problem, can through Apple’s replacement service for a new mobile phone iPhone. 2.iPhone 7 lens does not wear resistance degree: Although Apple has repeatedly stressed that the lens of the iPhone 7 glass protective film group used a higher strength of sapphire glass, but this does not prevent the lens wear iPhone 7. Foreign testers found that only 7 of the Mohs hardness iPhone lens glass cover reached 6, which is the hardness of ordinary glass, rather than Apple’s official propaganda sapphire glass 8-9 hardness. For this, Apple’s official reply said, iPhone 7 lens glass is indeed the use of sapphire material, in the right test conditions, iPhone 7 lens glass can show the same hardness and purity and sapphire. This is simply.相关的主题文章: