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IPhone 7: listening to music in addition to AirPods, you also have other options – Sohu technology [Technews iPhone 7] science news in appearance except behind the antenna, the most significant change is the "cancel headset hole", although Apple launched a special wireless AirPods, but if you do not love, not used Bluetooth pairing earbud headset then, the brand is also designed for iPhone 7 Lightning for all kinds of headset slots, provide more choices for iPhone 7 users. Music lovers pockets deep enough: Audeze EL-8 ear headset $US$799.95 Audeze EL-8 pricing price in Apple’s official introduction, to show that it can provide a wide frequency response, bring the full sense of the scene of the sound, because the plane diaphragm Audeze exclusive drive unit, texture design and on BMW DesignWorks, so before the actual experience of its excellent features, also must face the top price. The limited budget users: Brightech? MFi Pure ear headset compared to Audeze EL-8, Brightech MFi Pure noise reduction headset can be said to be more economical choice, soft silicone ear pads allows users to wear more comfortable, the price Amazon also provides US$49.99 at present, provide more choices for people iPhone 7 users but this is not; the built-in microphone headset, and then purchase before first assessment of their needs! For the love of music: Philips Fidelio M2L powder ear headset if the voice of the outside world does not want to be disturbed, you must try to Philips Fidelio M2L. This is not a headset microphone, but the sound of sealing structure, can avoid the sound leakage and blocking interference; in addition, bass reflex system can control the internal pressure, showing the best bass clear, very suitable for the keen listener. Strong athletic: JBL Reflect Aware the JBL Reflect Aware waterproof headset headset and waterproof function, which means that it is suitable for various activities such as jogging, riding a bicycle, although the price is high, but its built-in microphone, and according to the personal needs to control the environment volume, quite humane. For each iPhone 7 users: Lightning to 3.5 mm headset jack adapter if not going to buy a new headset, as long as the Lightning that has to 3.5mm cable, you can put their old headset plug in the iPhone?! Every newspaper相关的主题文章: