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IPhone7 release! What operational knowledge can be learned from Apple’s conference? Sohu technology hundreds of thousands of Internet practitioners of common concern! Author: captain of the flying fish. The author authorized the morning reading class, reprint, please contact the author. WeChat public number: operation control (ID:yunyingkong) welcome to zaodouke submission, submission email: mm@zaodula with Jobs gone, Apple seems to reduce the revolutionary innovation, a lot of iron is not the beginning of the geek fanatical pursuit of Apple products, but from the online data at social networking sites, broadcast platform, iPhone 7 conference there are still a large number of users to pay attention to discuss. Joe’s master died after the launch of the iphone5, iphone6, there are a lot of people think the innovation is not enough, ugly appearance, but still can not stop the continued selling iPhone in the world. Many features of apple is not the first to do it, but to lead and promote the trend, such as graphical interface, tablet computer, portable digital music player, intelligent mobile phone, this is a problem worth pondering, how does he do it? Despite some controversy, when we calm back at this huge company, we still can see: Apple conference still inherits many excellent qualities, there are still many worthy of the design, advertising, copywriting, speech, these can give us marketing, operators of what kind of inspiration? Multi chat scene, not just talk about the description of the function of the product function will most likely contain a very professional terminology, the user is not only not easy to understand, but also easy to solve the specific benefits of their own functions. Solve the problem of the introduction of the function, is to talk about the scene, describe the user when the use of the features of the scene is how to solve what kind of problem. Here are a few examples: this time, the iPhone 7 has upgraded the waterproof function to achieve the "IP67" waterproof. "IP67" waterproof is how waterproof? Most people don’t have a concept. At this time, the conference put a photo, is a person with a cell phone accidentally dropped pool, and then tell you even if this situation, your iPhone will be fine. When it comes to the IOS 10 update, speaking of machine learning and artificial intelligence, these 2 words are for the public, is a very complex thing, is not a good understanding of machine learning, what specific benefits for our daily use of mobile phone. Cook immediately gave a specific scene, a scene in the mail on the mobile phone, the machine directly through the mail or past input data, predict you might play out in the e-mail statement, greatly reduced you may use the operation. When it comes to the front camera, had to mention a series of data and performance improvements, the summary, or immediately return to the main features of the use of the scene, it is self. A variety of technologies, data do not understand it does not matter, as long as you can remember to take a better self timer. This to many相关的主题文章: