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IPhone7 release   why would I think millet 5? – home appliances – People’s original title: iPhone7 why I would think millet 5? U.S. local time, at 10 a.m. on September 7, 2016, Beijing time on September 8th at about 1 in the morning, Apple Corp officially released in San Francisco iPhone7. As a tech event once a year, in addition to conventional treatment, iPhone7 A10 dual cameras, front Home key aspects of the upgrade, it is adding two new color, black and bright black (Jet Black). As for what is Jet Black, we need to learn more about. Apple has been walking in the forefront of the design of the mobile phone industry, 07 years of the first generation of iPhone, it has been used on aluminum stamping, CNC and anodizing process. Do mobile phone metal black color, in the mobile phone industry is still relatively rare. There are many reasons, the process requirements, low yield and other issues, which is why the black version of the iPhone has been a deep space gray body. But the iPhone7 directly on the 2 black color, especially bright black (Jet Black). And anodic oxidation, but also nano injection, but also to do mirror polishing…… How difficult it is, I am afraid that some of the common sense of industrial manufacturing friends will understand. The final result is that the Jet Black bright black iPhone, in the texture is very dazzling, crystal clear, very visual glass ceramic luster, texture is very metal. Metal body after CNC processing. Polishing and polishing process, the performance is more smooth mirror. Then anodized coloring, upper saturation very high pure black. Finally, on the surface of a layer of coating protection. After the completion of the whole machine is now completely different from the sandblasting + anodized. Of course, this color only in 128GB and above version of the iPhone exists. That is a hard to find rare goods. Why would think millet 5? We must have a deep impression on the ceramic version of millet 5. From the conference to now, has been in the past half year, millet 5 ceramic version is still hard to find a machine. The main reason is that the 3D ceramic rear cover processing is more complex, low yield and other problems leading to production difficulties. A year ago, millet took the lead in the use of millet 3D Note glass body. At that time also encountered a production problem, a long time to buy. After more than a year to digest familiar, 3D glass has done handy, mass production is not a problem, millet 5 will not cause delays due to the processing of 3D glass. Of course, this time, millet and enjoy the 3D version of the ceramic version of the trial process, although the same volume of production is more difficult problem, but the product texture is good, more wear-resistant and other advantages can not be ignored. This is the reason to think of millet 5, millet and 5 bright black ceramic version of iPhone7, will be a hard to find such a situation. Because they all have a little innovation in the process. )相关的主题文章: