Iphone7 series of disguised price Apple was new money light innovation cycle winsockfix

IPhone7 series of disguised price Apple was new money barysphere innovative light users need to buy separate wireless headset Airpods minor repairs to Apple’s flagship product launches into users’ Tucao conference, but for a way to make the consumers pocket, apple is straightforward. Yesterday morning, iPhone 7 series of new products not only reveal the true capacity, the price rise will cancel the 16G version, launched a wireless headset, only with bright black, also let Apple revealed "follow the money" without cover. Apple’s performance in the face of the current crisis, aimed at the financial statements of the new upgrade seems more sensitive. Price is not discussed according to the parameters announced yesterday, Apple has done in different ways to improve the performance, but also disguised raise the price threshold. In terms of memory, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus minimum version of 32G, which, 32G version of the iPhone price of $5388, compared with the previous 16G based models of more than $100, that is, the base price increased by 100 yuan. It can be said that Apple has completely abandoned the 16GB version, fully into the 32GB era, while the abolition of the 64GB version of the 128GB version instead. Not only iPhone 7 series so, last year’s iPhone 6S and iPhone Plus 6S has also been adjusted accordingly, leaving only the 32GB and 128GB version. So 16GB models and 64GB models on only 4 inches of iPhone SE. In appearance, the apple in the original four colors on a bright black, shiny black version of the product 128G and 256G version and other versions of the same price of color, but no 32GB storage options, that is to say, the basic price directly is 6188 yuan 128G starts. In addition, the same as with the previous speculation, the new iPhone abandoned the traditional 3.5mm headset jack, which means that the headset, speaker and other accessories must be connected to the iPhone through the Lightning adapter. Users can continue to use the old headset, but must pass the random distribution of the adapter it connected with a mobile phone, if lost the adapter, it would need to spend $9 to buy a new one; or, the user can buy a Bluetooth headset. Apple launched the wireless headset Airpods, but Airpods need to purchase, the price of up to 1288 yuan, but also need to charge, can only be used for 5 hours. Although the iPhone 7 and the Plus will deliver a set of wired headset ($29 for a separate purchase), the headset can be plugged into the iPhone Lightning interface. However, the headset can only be used on iPhone 7 and Plus, any company’s mobile devices, Apple’s own computer and all the world with headphone jack equipment can not use it. Can account for a complete set of iPhone 7 devices, in order to bright black, for example, consumers need to pay 7476 yuan, more than the original more than 5000 yuan;相关的主题文章: