Jeremy Lin celebrate a career best environment in the new season is expected to be averaged 16+7 (vi haywire

Jeremy Lin celebrate a career best environment in the new season is expected to be a 16+7 Star [] Jeremy Lin highlights the nets debut 21 burst cut into winning hero Tencent sports news October 8th pre-season debut 21 points, first appeared in the new team, Jeremy will win the applause. This also makes him once again become a hot figure. Although the overall strength of the weak, but this is Jeremy occupation career so far, for the first time in the core status, leading a team. The best opportunity to meet his career career opportunities he had experienced coach bias this is not the first time in his career Jeremy Lin get ten million annual salary. The 2014-15 season, Howe played for the Lakers, his annual salary of $14 million 800 thousand, which is the opening year Morey last year of "poison contract". However, in the Lakers, Jeremy Lin suffered coach bias. Byron – Scott recently published a book, it refers to the relationship between him and Jeremy Lin. It is surprising that the statement from the book, Scott treat Jeremy Lin, can be quite harsh. One of the most straightforward example is that the Lakers and the Grizzlies, Scott request to suspend when asked Jeremy Lin to wait a little bit longer foul. And on the field, Kobe shouted to the book Hao Hao, Hao Hao immediately foul. The coach and the team boss’s idea, Scott has finally put it out in the book Ho’s body…… It is no wonder that in the memory of the Lakers that year, Jeremy Lin lamented that he played in the Lakers, and even some tired of basketball." He came to the best environment, which is called a rebound, after leaving the Lakers, Jeremy Lin signed a 2 year contract with the Hornets, which means that his career to a trough in the bottom of the world, and that is the best way to get to the bottom of the game, and that is why he has to go to the bottom of the game, and that’s why he signed the contract for the next 4 million 300 thousand years. Fortunately, Hornets coach Clifford did not therefore will Jeremy as "drinking machine player", Clifford is just the opposite, let Jeremy bench leader role. But Jeremy Lin has not let the boss down, through good performance, Jeremy Lin helped the Hornets reached the playoffs. The end of the season, despite Jeremy expressed nostalgia for the Hornets, but when the olive branch, Jeremy chose to leave, to return to New York. The strength is weak, but can give Jeremy a starter, and even helped him to the core position. This is a team that he played before, and he can’t give. Just joined the Rockets, Morey also promised to let Lin as the core, but when harden suddenly airborne after everything had to reinvent the wheel. From this perspective, the environment is so far the best book ho occupation career, so that he can flex its muscles. The new season is expected to harvest 16+7 in such an environment, the book ho can play what kind of performance? For the nets, this summer missed successive Taylor and Johnson Crabbe, although some regret, but it is not a bad thing for jeremy. Continuous and two young players missed, means that Jeremy will achieve absolute control of the ball. As Anthony said, "now, Jeremy Lin, has become the face of the nets, the team’s franchise player." Since it is a franchise player, Jeremy Lin is expected to usher in the outbreak of the nets. There are even optimistic fans shouted the appearance of the slogan of 20+8, objectively speaking, 20+8 a bit difficult, the eastern part of the all star starting luo.相关的主题文章: