Jia Jinglong life and death debate, Prudential justice into consensus splitit

Jia Jinglong case debate of life and death, Prudential justice into the consensus of the case into public view of Jia Jinglong, it seems a bit late. The day before, Jia Jinglong case lawyer received the death penalty review by the Supreme People’s court ruling, according to media reports, including the Tsinghua University law school professor He Haibo, Peking University School of law professor Zhang Qianfan, a number of well-known jurists called on the author thinks that Jia Jinglong has a statutory mitigating reason case. February 19, 2015, Hebei, Changan District, north of the village Party branch secretary He Jianhua was shot gun shot, the murderer for the village of villagers, Jia Jinglong, and so on, in the north of the country, the Communist Party of China, the people of the village, the villagers of the village, the villagers of the village, the village of the people of the village Party Secretary of the Communist party. That time the report has been in the demolition of contradictions. In the case of the death penalty review stage of the media reports, a more detailed outline of the Jia Jinglong case in the sequence of events, the city "three years" in the context of the village land expropriation of land for many years, do not sign the agreement, the demolition process accompanied by violence, coercion, "the old village transformation, the demolition of the residents did not sign the" three stop "policy — water, electricity, stop all benefits". Jia Jinglong will hold the wedding in less than 20 days ago, the village Party Secretary He Jianhua with people demolitions Jia Jinglong elaborate bridal chamber, Jia Jinglong encounters a sigh. The official statement, the demolition agreement has been signed the Jia family there is no demolitions, but in this case file and media reports, but with a pair of demolitions posture: dozens of containment, turning resistance, physical conflict, eventually houses collapsed, and therefore buried the hidden blood. The case of Jia Jinglong repeatedly argued that the victim He Jianhua illegal compulsory demolition, there are mistakes, expressed in 1999 in accordance with the highest law "safeguard the stability of criminal trial conference", "the victims have the obvious fault or the intensification of conflicts have direct responsibility, or the defendant has statutory lighter punishment, should generally not sentenced to death immediately". The Jia Jinglong case caused wide attention in the field of law, the focus of controversy in Jia Jinglong’s crime and crime, but in this case whether the issue of the death penalty should be used with caution. It is not illegal demolitions, the existence of plot, Jia Jinglong case can "key spare the life". Professor He Haibo of Tsinghua University School of law, Jia Jinglong in "the case" — the demolitions He Jianhua led happened a year ago, the "administrative compulsory law" has been implemented, the law, administrative enforcement can only be set by law, the law does not require administrative organs to enforce the administrative decisions of the administrative organ shall apply to the people’s court for compulsory execution. In any case the village has no legal enforcement powers, then dispatched personnel, vehicles, demolition of violent physical conflict scene, if not illegal demolitions, what is the what? As a case of Jia Jinglong before the demolitions itself, the judicial fair, professional judgment. After the incident, Jia Jinglong on the way to the police station to surrender the injured difficult, engendering surrender also exist in SMS screenshot file, and whether it belongs to the highest law "on the surrender and meritorious law application solutions" in "is ready to surrender, or are on the way by the public security organs to capture investment case, shall as a voluntary surrender? Such as Tsinghua University law school professor He Haibo said.相关的主题文章: