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Jiangsu Tongxi team training fee arrears to sue the player Wang Dayong in Tongxi team sina sports new season started, the labor dispute has been exposed to CBA. The day before, the former Jiangsu Tongxi players Wang Dayong said the club was in training fee of nearly 200 thousand. He has hired a lawyer to handle the matter, and the lawyer has sent a lawyer’s letter to the club. Wang Dayong is a former Liaoning team, then in 2014 to join the NBL team Jiangsu xi. The same year, Tongxi into the CBA. After entering CBA, Wang Dayong and Xi also signed a contract to expire in November 2015. In February 2015, the end of the first season Tongxi CBA. After the end of the league, Wang Dayong found the coach at the time, asked the follow-up matters, Xu Qiang told the players can find their own way. The club then told me to adjust the team’s conclusions, but did not put an end to the contract. But after that, the club stopped Wang Dayong training fees, until the end of the contract amount of nearly 200 thousand. Wang Dayong himself visited Nanjing for consultation to be resolved, although there has been chairman Chen Guangchuan, but the club has not been implemented Tongxi matter. Former general manager Hu Jinsheng has also been replaced, the team became the new head of the person in charge of Hu Weidong. After waiting for nearly a year, Wang Dayong had no choice but to put the matter to the law, I have to give the matter to the lawyer, and now can only wait for the club summons it. This is our players are vulnerable groups, but also worried that the total owed money in this circle have mixed, always dare not say. Now signed the contract can not admit. I was cornered, before taking the rights." (Chen Xi)相关的主题文章: