Jiangxi cracked a pyramid scheme involving nearly 150 million yuan mcncc

Jiangxi cracked a pyramid selling case involving nearly 150 million yuan original title: Jiangxi cracked MLM case involving nearly 150 million yuan in September 19th Nanchang Xinhua News (reporter Lai Xing) Jiangxi Nanchang City Public Security Bureau Honggutan branch 19 days to report, the police after more than 1 months of careful investigation, along with the detection of the organization, leadership pyramid schemes case, destroyed 8 dens MLM, involving nearly 150 million yuan. Honggutan branch said, the first time the Bureau set up a task force, and in a short period of time to fully grasp the basic situation of the organization structure and marketing network, successfully identified the locus of action, Li Moumou, Huang Moumou, Moumou principal. The early morning of September 10th 6, branch 6 arrest team at the same time to organize Honggutan city of Green Lake Howard, MediaTek River Sceneway, Luen Thai xiangyushangcheng district were arrested, which lasted 3 hours, arrested the suspect Moumou, Huang Moumou, Moumou 16 people, and seized the stolen money 900 thousand yuan, seized Mercedes Benz, BMW and other stolen cars 6. After investigation, Li Moumou, Huang Moumou and others fled around since 2012 in organization, leadership pyramid schemes, and to obtain huge profits. Currently, the 16 suspects have been under criminal detention. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: