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The Jiayuguan International Short Film Exhibition opening to promote natural image protection – Beijing new network in Jiayuguan in September 22, (Xu Xue) 22, the fifth session of Chinese (Jiayuguan) International Short Film Exhibition "in Jiayuguan city before the best in all the land". The festival continued from 22 to 24, by the State Press and Publication Administration and the Gansu Provincial People’s government, with outstanding documentary screenings, the selection of domestic and foreign science and educational films, cartoons and videos as the main content, set of high-end international short academic research, creation, market promotion, screenings and exchange in one, to create a professional platform for Chinese and the international society of film and television works promotion, exchange, trading, screenings. "Protecting the homeland" is one of the main theme of this film exhibition, the domestic and foreign famous natural documentary producer, director, director of photography and wild animal protection experts will share their nature documentary the shooting experience, discuss the nature documentary in promoting the value and significance of the whole society and the entire human to protect wild animal. Jiayuguan municipal Party committee secretary Liu Peng, Jiayuguan is the starting point at the western end of the Ming Dynasty the Great Wall, is the ancient Silk Road traffic hub, here has a long history, magnificent scenery, humanities thick, is the Silk Road culture, the Great Wall culture, western culture and frontier culture exchange together since ancient times, ancient culture and modern civilization here mingled. Rich film and television art material, inspired many artists. Vice governor of Gansu province Xia Hongmin said that with the proposed national construction "The Belt and Road" vision of Gansu, make full use of Chinese civilization inheritance and innovation area of national strategic platform, adhere to promote the strategic adjustment of economic structure and change the mode of economic development is the fundamental line, efforts will be cultural resources advantage into economic productivity. Xia Hongmin said, Gansu has always attached great importance to the development of film culture, film and television industry, through the implementation of the construction of the western province, documentary type television brand construction, brand culture festival and other projects, effectively enhance the overall strength of the film and television industry, has injected new vitality into the cultural industry in Gansu. China Jiayuguan international short film exhibition has gone through the beginning, development, spanning four years, has become a film and television brand culture festival will become the world’s understanding of China, an important channel to understand Gansu." Xia Hongmin said that the festival as the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo project, the form and content of a comprehensive upgrade, we look forward to the film and television in the collision of the sparks of wisdom, work enthusiasm, more fruitful. On the same day also held a "good Chinese story" documentary cultural cross-border forum, National Geographic Channel documentary series "exodus" producer, Emmy Award winner David? Hamlin said, as a wild animal film maker, I show you the commitment and responsibility. "We want to tell the story, to give people inspiration, so that we can resonate, at the same time, it can enhance our thinking, and give us the opportunity to look again in which we live, and very precious planet." Special invitation to India at the film show相关的主题文章: