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Joseph Lau Gambi helped discharged covered struggling Joseph Lau wrapped Yan according to Hongkong media reports, the Chinese real estate big shareholder "Liu" Joseph Lau Health recently again become the focus of the day before, a lawyer representing a two doctor report disclosed for the first time Liu serious illness, suffering from kidney failure, heart disease and diabetes and other illnesses, need hospitalization, weekly dialysis 3 to 4 times since last month, even talks also appear problem, the body is extremely weak, both spirit and body are not compressed, the situation is worrying. Previously, Joseph Lau was photographed coming out today reported lost Liu left the hospital of the photograph, the photograph was taken in 3 days this month, photo by Liu in a wheelchair, wearing a black jacket, wearing hats and masks, wrap up, revealing only the eyes. According to the weekly reports, Liu is accompanied by his girlfriend Gambia, plus the nurses, nursing and escorting bodyguard seven people battle hospital. I saw Liu from Gambi and care arm stood up, walked slowly, crutches boarded the bus left and returned at Cambie goldsmith road mansion to rest. Tomorrow is the birthday of 37 discharged Gambia, but reported no day out gambia. In August this year, there are friends to take Liu storm thin to a wheelchair to leave the The Peninsula Hotel, the health concern. And after Liu in an interview, the first cavity that body did not speak out: "does not have so much, now every day back to the company." Said the company has let go of day-to-day management and business with colleagues responsible, mainly by CEO Chen is responsible for "playing dice", a different department will be responsible for. With the end of the month, Liu Peigan than to Tongluowan movies "siege", along with a dozen people pack a theater last bodyguard in two rows, a private space more than they can with all the fun, but then have rarely appeared.相关的主题文章: