Kunming International Jewelry Fair opened middle and lower end of the jade price and volume d-g227

Kunming international jewelry exhibition opening   the low-end jade volume and price down – Yunnan channel — people.com.cn original title: Kunming international jewelry exhibition opening in the low-end jade volume and price down a stone table dish from 13 days to 17 days, 5 days of the sixth session of the China Yunnan? Kunming international jewelry exhibition held in Kunming International Exhibition center. The exhibition opened a total of 3 exhibition halls, booth of more than 1 thousand, an area of nearly 30 thousand square meters, gathered at home and abroad well-known jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. On the first day of opening, a number of businesses said that people look to buy less. Even the price has dropped, but this year’s low-end jade sales still sluggish. All kinds of jewelry people seeing things it is understood that this exhibition brings together from Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other major world origin jewelry businesses, covering jade, Hetian jade, jade, Lantian jade, Shoushan jade, huanglongyu etc, and in recent years, sales of multicolored, diamonds, gold, platinum, and amber pearl, coral, crystal, crystal etc.. Longling Huanglong jade, Tengchong, Baoshan, Wenshan and other southern red emerald also in the exhibition competition put guanghua. The organizing committee also orchestrated a series of special activities no reserve auction of jewelry, jewelry and other catwalk show, cheongsam. The jade market bottomed in Guangdong exhibitors counter, a few square metres of galleries stocked with a variety of different varieties, color jade, prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand yuan, even if the boss is very hard to sell, but few people stop. The Guangdong exhibitors said, by the impact of the environment, the emerald market fell from 2012, is currently the lowest price of the market, the price and turnover are greatly affected. He gave the data is that the low-end jade turnover fell about 70%, in the high-end fell by four or five, specialty products fell by 20%. The analysis shows the appreciation of a large space Chinese high-end collection of jade jewelry jade jewelry industry Association survey of more than and 600 jewelry enterprises, 90% Enterprises above last year’s sales fell by more than three or four. After a few years of market adjustment, the current market price of jewelry industry has become more rational. Although many consumers are still hesitant, but as long as the price is acceptable, when you can buy, of course, must first identify the authenticity of the good or bad, according to their own needs and ability to accept consumption." Yunnan jewelry jade jewelry industry Association experts said. Jewelry exhibitors also said that due to the impact of the emerald mining area controlled by the Burma side, jade resources will be further scarce. The future, Chinese jade stone and product prices are likely to rise, high-end Collectible jade will have a greater appreciation of space. Later, the better the price will be more expensive jade, jade works will pay more attention to the innovation of process design. Reporter Yan Xiue Wen Zhai Jian uptake 15 jewelry companies selected model shop by Industrial and Commercial Bureau and province Baoxie careful verification and screening, on-site review. Yesterday, I, the final 15 home jewelry enterprises (shop) selected jewelry consumer satisfaction model shop ", and held a ceremony in the jewelry exhibition. Reporters learned that the national quality of jade jewelry相关的主题文章: