Late night flight cancellations received second days of the aircraft has taken off on time (video)

Night flight cancellations received SMS for second days but the plane is taking off on time on September 13th at 6:55 in the morning, the Chongqin Jiangbei Airport, Ningbao Leshe Airport to Sichuan Airlines 3U8983 flight took off on time. However, should take the flight of Ms. Tang and his son, but family is going to change procedures. Because a message the day before midnight, let her think that the flight was cancelled, wait until the morning of the second day to change when I discovered, the plane had taken off. Late night to receive a flight canceled message Ms. Tang this summer with her son to play in Chongqing, and now to school, they decided to fly back to Ningbo. Some time ago, she passed the official website of Sichuan airlines, purchased two September 13th from Chongqing to Ningbo Jiangbei Lishe ticket to go home and children. September 12th at 11:30 in the middle of the night, Ms. Tang received a text message at the beginning of 852. Because at that time was busy packing, Ms. Tang took a look at the short message number, thought it was spam messages, there is no heart. Wait until 13 o’clock in the morning, when she was ready to go to the airport with his son, Ms. Tang inadvertently looked at the message, and found that the beginning of her son and the name of the. The content of the message read, Ms. Tang learned that his ride 3U8983 flight has been cancelled due to mechanical failure, and asked her to contact a flight change refund line. "The former friends also encountered a canceled flight, when the change is good." Ms. Tang after hearing the news, don’t worry too much, to call for change, but the phone has no answer. Contact customer service that the aircraft has taken off for second days until 9 in the morning, Ms. Tang breaks up, once again call Sichuan airlines customer service phone, said they want to change the procedures for. But when she put the personal information to the other side, the customer service staff told her that she took the 3U8983 flight took off at 6:55. "Not that the flight was cancelled?" In the face of customer service staff argument, Ms. Tang feel some incredible. Her own experiences to tell the customer service staff, the other said Ms. Tang is likely to receive a false message, and said the flight information must take official notice, check the official website as long as this flight is the flight ticket sales, that is normal. Understand the situation, Ms. Tang some depressed, originally thought to send their children back to school early, but because of such a false message, the whole trip is disrupted. In desperation, she had to apply for refund procedures. False messages suspected telecommunications fraud SMS in the message Ms. Tang received, and a Chengdu code, the so-called refund line. This text writing, and also had a female college students in Chongqing suffered a telecommunications fraud SMS format is exactly the same. In August 23rd, the third Chongqing girl Xiaowen received a text message at the East China Normal University in Shanghai, said in August 24th from Chongqing Wanzhou to Shanghai Pudong FM9462 flight was canceled due to mechanical failure, and attach a Beijing telephone area code. And Ms. Tang did not seriously children, Xiaowen dialed the phone, the customer service requirements in the small bank ATM machine to change the print payment receipt, and then took the slip to the airport ticket counter for change. According to cheat相关的主题文章: