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Small Business Your current database features a hidden potential to bolster your lead nurturing strategy. Through placing more emphasis on the leads you currently possess, you have the capacity to leverage approaches that will enable you to better engage your prospects throughout the sales cycle to closing. This is the objective of a lead nurturing strategy, whereby you are acquiring and converting leads to closes through the utilization of approaches that yield more revenue without the necessity of harvesting new leads. Through an impactful lead nurturing strategy, you will be able to determine what your clients need as well as engage them with .pelling messages. As a result, many of your buyers will be.e sales-ready, thereby enabling you to provide more qualified leads to your closers. With the development, deployment, management and evaluation of initiatives that focus on specific audiences, CMOs experience enhanced revenue growth by providing .pelling offers and connecting with better prospects within the sales cycle to accentuate the rate of closings and accelerating the sales cycle in general. Inbound lead processing initiative The designation of a Sales-ready lead is something defined by marketing and sales. This serves as the first objective of a lead nurturing strategy and thus decides which lead goes to Sales and which requires greater development. By refining what constitutes a Sales-ready lead by BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline), fullness of data profile and lead score and demographic, you are able to decide which strategy will be most fruitful. Inbound lead evaluation may also consider developing criteria for nurturing. For example, you may elect to provide a prospect with the discretion to opt-in and initiate a relationship with you while providing them the right to opt-out if they wish. Moreover, consider enabling prospects to establish a custom relationship. Find out the best means of .munication for your prospects – text message, e-mail, phone call, etc. and how often they would like to hear from you. This will empower them to shape the nature of the .munications between you, thereby making them more invested in the process. An accelerator campaign Accelerator campaigns are employed to expedite the buying cycle with the notion of creating a nudge or incentive related to the specific behaviors of a prospect. Traditionally, this tactic is utilized in a lead nurturing strategy by sending a series of emails ac.panied by a free 14-day trial sign-up period. Potential clients, for example, are motivated to participate with .prehensive instructional steps on how to utilize a software package with the option of signaling their interest to be contacted by a representative. With focus on the conversion rate, you are able to map the buying process for customers, thereby helping that to navigate from the pipeline stage to the final sale. In other words, with this lead nurturing strategy, as potential clients are shopping around to find the most ideal suppliers, you, the marketer, are focused on enhancing performance through empirically measuring sales conversions and developing leads to bolster marketing results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: