Liu Yuejun met with the commander of the IDF commander of Papua New Guinea – Jiangsu channel, people 8l9840

Liu Yuejun met with the commander of the IDF commander of Papua New Guinea – Jiangsu channel — original title: Liu Yuejun met with the Papua New Guinea defence forces commander in October 13th, the eastern theater commander admiral Liu Yuejun met with Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Gilbert Toro, Brigadier General in Nanjing? Wave line. Liu Yuejun said the new, although separated by numerous hills and streams, but the friendship between the two peoples. Over the past 40 years, bilateral relations have made great progress, frequent high-level exchanges, deepening mutual trust, strategic partnership based on mutual respect and common development, in economic and trade, cultural and educational fields have carried out fruitful cooperation, has brought tangible benefits to the two peoples. As an important part of bilateral relations, bilateral relations have maintained a sound momentum of development in recent years. I believe that this visit will further deepen the mutual understanding between the two countries and the two armies, enhance mutual friendship and promote friendly cooperation and development. Toro said, this visit, in addition to the Xiangshan forum and called on China army senior leadership, also visited the military colleges and hospitals. Thank you very much for your help to Papua new guinea. Although the two countries are far apart, the trainees who are trained in China are closely linked with us and believe that the friendly relations between the two countries will be developed rapidly. Guo Yujun, vice chief of staff of the eastern theater. (Ren Yuanlin Zhang Huiqing) (commissioning editor Tang Lu and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: