Lotto 16126 forecast before the district Danma 0123 35- Sohu 4000dy

Lotto 16126 forecast: former district Danma 0123 35- Sohu Chinese sports lottery Lotto lottery results 2016125th lottery results: 0607082830 + 0102, three than 3:0:2, parity ratio 1:4, 1 note first prize, the prize pool accumulated sales of 179128075 yuan, 3727254222 yuan. 2016126 big lottery forecast: review: in the period before the recommendation of 1+0 analysis and value analysis: the period fell 17 points out of 79, and the values decreased slightly remained at 100 points, and according to the value of the trend continued to decline recently, this period value fluctuated slightly, recommended in 70-100 point out. Three analysis: the area on the 3 yards, the recent number rebounded sharply, the head area code is still optimistic about the trend, pay close attention to 12 number, recommended 1 yards; zone two on the go cold empty, the recent two district number dropped significantly, this period value chuhao rebound, recommended 2-3 code; zone three on the open 2 yards, the recent number of steady recovery, this period value of normal number, recommended 1-2 code. Recommended Lotto 16126 stages: 0105080910131517 1821232426273335. The area before the 3 bile: 012335 area analyses: on the issue of all combinations of the 0102, as the parity form. This period value issued after all odd form combination; the recent rebound after all small combination date, this issue focuses on the combination of small and large covering. Lotto 16126 area recommended: 05+11 01+05. Select 9+3:01 0513172123242735 + 010511相关的主题文章: