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Loudi 2.5 meter excavator fried 300 Jin crayfish, stunned onlookers, September 15th morning, Loudi’s first international gourmet Music Festival opened in the new cooperative international trade city. This is a time to invite eight guests, to celebrate the mid autumn festival event, but also a delicacy in culture and music for the media, cooperation development of the event. Luo Zhigao, executive vice president of Hunan Cooperation International Logistics Park Investment Development Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the spot and announced the opening of the first international food music festival in Loudi. Hongxingmeikailong Loudi item company general manager Mr. Hunan Valley, new cooperation in Hunan International Logistics Park Investment Development Company Limited investment director jade China attended the opening ceremony, opening thousands of customers and the general public to witness this event. The international gourmet Music Festival is the first time in Loudi, and it is also a large scale and influential event in recent years. Hundreds of shrimps were divided into 300 kilograms of lobster, 2.5 meters high excavators and 3 meters large pot were put on the scene, which brought a special feast of fried lobster to the diners, and stunned the onlookers. The international gourmet Music Festival will last 5 days from from September 15th to 19th, and the majority of citizens can enjoy the world’s delicious food, including nearly 100 kinds of food in Europe, Oceania and asia. At the same time, enjoy the youth release and passionate rock and roll brought by the famous band, more exciting activities such as excavator fried lobster, super big moon show, supermodel show, large fireworks exhibition and so on. The new cooperation in International Trade City in Hunan Province, "12th Five-Year" logistics industry development plan to determine the ten provincial key construction of the logistics park of Loudi City, is the first large-scale comprehensive service trade logistics industrial park, has a strong leading role of large modern comprehensive logistics center base and an important regional logistics node in the central region and hunan. After the completion of the project, will become a wholesale and retail shopping, tourism, information services, electronic commerce, business office, storage, logistics, convention and exhibition, hotel and catering, residential facilities, financial services in one of the eleven functions, facilities, perfect function, strong radiation and leading role of the large modern integrated logistics center on the base of Hunan and the central region.

娄底2.5米高挖掘机炒300斤小龙虾 惊呆围观群众 9月15日上午,娄底首届国际美食音乐节在新合作国际商贸城开幕。这是一次广邀八方客,共度中秋佳节的盛会,也是一次以美食文化和音乐为媒、共谋合作发展的盛会。湖南新合作湘中国际物流园投资开发有限公司常务副总经理罗志高现场致辞,并宣布娄底首届国际美食音乐节盛大开幕。红星美凯龙娄底项目公司总经理谷为先生,湖南新合作湘中国际物流园投资开发有限公司招商总监白玉国等出席开幕式,数千名客商及广大市民见证这一盛会的开启。此次国际美食音乐节在娄底尚属首次,也是近年来规模较大,影响面广的一次盛会。活动现场举行了百人“虾闹”瓜分300斤龙虾,2.5米高的挖掘机和直径3米的大锅惊艳登场,为食客带来一场别具特色的挖掘机炒龙虾盛宴,“惊呆了”围观群众。此次国际美食音乐节从9月15日至19日将持续5天,广大市民朋友可以尽情品味天下美食,包含欧洲、大洋洲、亚洲数十个国家近百种美食。同时享受知名乐队带来的青春释放及激情摇滚,更有挖掘机炒龙虾、超级大月亮展、名模秀、大型焰火展等精彩活动呈现。新合作国际商贸城是湖南省“十二五”物流业发展规划确定的十个省级重点建设物流园区之一,是娄底市的第一个大型综合服务型商贸物流产业园,对湘中及中部地区有强大辐射带动作用的大型现代化综合性商贸物流中枢基地和重要的区域性商贸物流节点。项目建成后,将成为集批发零售、购物旅游、信息服务、电子商务、商务办公、仓储加工、物流配送、会议展览、酒店餐饮、配套住宅、金融服务十一大功能于一体,设施齐全,功能完善,对湘中及中部地区有强大辐射带动作用的大型现代化综合性商贸物流中枢基地。相关的主题文章: