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Love and marriage Psychology: a good man contracted 7 details Meng turn you (Figure) a good man to contract the details of the Meng Meng turn your man to pursue a woman, like a job interview for a job title called boyfriend". Your resume is astepping-stone to success, women need to assess the candidates suitable competency from speech, behavior, attitude and potential future. The devil is in the details, observing the following seven key points as a reference. First, from the date of respect, tolerance and values is a good time to observe the absolute dating each other, from the location, activities, meals, and see whether he will respect your opinion. If you don’t eat spicy food, he should not force you to eat hot pot, at least for a mandarin duck pot. You can go to high-end restaurants, but also to accept roadside food stalls, said the person’s life as well as the use of money are more flexible. He will not respect you the time, don’t be late for the appointment, shall not have late will contact you to tell your expected arrival time, and not let your anxiety and wait. Two, from the discourse adaptability and individuality in chat relationship has very important significance, I think two people "talk" is very important, especially for marriage, find a lifetime to talk is happiness. What can see a person’s accomplishments and personality, he is always wearing a indecent pet phrase always greet your mother, he will always tell myself off the reel, and not listening habits. Are you interested in his subject? If he only said some unnecessary things, but no way to share their ideas and views in depth. Chat can not only be a sexual partner, chat can be a soul mate. Three, from the small details of time along with considerate dining together, whether he will take the initiative to the menu, tableware, water, meal. This little detail can be observed that he is waiting for others to wait for the master, or to take care of others considerate man. Walking on the road, he will pay attention to your footsteps and used to walk on the road to protect you? Take the elevator to walking, he will stand behind you, take the elevator down walking, he will stop in front of you. It’s too late to take you home, or call him to make sure you’re safe. Four, from the connection with his relatives and friends to see the character of the pursuit of each other, will want to show the best side of the job interview, like everyone to fake it, so some people owned units will contact the candidate supervisor or previous workplace colleagues to assess survey. In the face of "boyfriend" this position is the same, looking for opportunities to get to know each other contact friends, colleagues and family members. Look at how he made friends with his colleagues, how the relationship between family members how to treat him. From the interaction between him and his friends, maybe you will find his other side. Five, from the point of view of the performance of the workplace can not be responsible for their own work is responsible for the people, it is likely not to be responsible for feelings. Often change jobs, it is possible that the pressure is not enough and lack of stability, which revealed his personality may not mature enough. Never change, there may be satisfied the nonstriving performance. He has an eye for work,.相关的主题文章: