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Ma Yun Spielberg dialogue: a dream to catch –IT– original title: Ma Yun dialogue Spielberg: a dream to catch the Alibaba pictures with Spielberg Amblin Partners announced a package of coordinated development plan. Sultan Ma Yun and Steven? Spielberg beckow. If someone says no to your dream, don’t give up, you can go to Sultan to support your dream." The famous American director Steven Spielberg? 9 in Beijing to tell the dream of young people. On the same occasion, China’s young business icon Ma also told young people the three secret of success: "use your brain, to find a good partner, to remain optimistic." The Alibaba pictures and Spielberg Amblin Partners announced a package of coordinated development plan. Ma Yun and Spielberg also launched a dialogue about the film and the culture of the East and the west. Ma Yun said he likes Spielberg’s E.T. Alien ". "From this movie, we can see the human side, and that’s why I like Spielberg. We also hope to see the humanities in the high-tech sector." He believes that artificial intelligence and big data is the future, the next 30 years the best CEO (Chief Executive Officer) should be ET. He is asking the team to study how to make a machine CEO. Because only artificial intelligence or ET, can better cope with the complexity of the future. Ma Yun is known by some as aliens in china. He claims to be just an ordinary man, "I and E.T. There are two similarities, one is the appearance of a more unique, one is very friendly, friendly." Spielberg said that he had taken a lot of alien theme of the film, he himself often because of some unusual ideas, was regarded as alien. "A lot of people think aliens are bad, they will attack the earth. In "E.T". Aliens, aliens are friendly and kind, which is the value of the film to the audience." Ma Yun said that there are cultural differences between East and West, but not so much difference in human nature and values. The only difference is that the west is better at telling stories. In the Chinese movie, the hero finally is dead, the American movie hero all wants to live to win, because the story telling way is different. The high technology represented by the Internet has not only changed people’s lives, but also changed the film industry. Spielberg said that the future of the interactive mode of the film will change, but the film itself will not die. The virtual reality will be the best interactive mode ever, but no matter how the evolution of interaction, will never replace people in real life experience, especially the exchange between people. Spielberg and Ma agree that, with the development of technology, the machine in the future one day will be beyond the ability of people in some ways, but in the field of film can not replace the role of people. Spielberg said: "we put people together through the film, beyond the culture, beyond the language, at this point, the machine can not do相关的主题文章: