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Fitness-Equipment As the name implies, a wheelchair is a chair with wheels. It was invented somewhere around 1670 in England to aid movement of people who were unable to walk either because of any disability or weakness in limbs. It is indeed a great invention as it has helped all those physically impaired to move without the assistance of others. Manual wheelchair consists of the mainframe which has two large wheels and armrests, a footrest and two small wheels in front. It can be moved pushing rims with the help of hands and .es fitted with manual breaks. Any person who is unable to walk but still has some power in his arms can make use of a wheelchair. The entire effort in propelling a wheelchair .es through the hands and upper body of the person sitting on it. However, for the aid of people who have difficulty with their hands as well, there is a version that uses electric power and no effort whatsoever is required on the part of the person sitting on the wheelchair. A manual wheelchair is nothing less than a boon for those with physical impairment as it gives them a feeling of independence and they do not depend on the help of others for their movement from one place to another. With its help, even a disabled person can lead an active life. Manual wheelchair wheels are so designed that they make the wheelchair move with the slightest of effort on the part of the person sitting on the chair. The front wheels are mainly for support and balance and this is why they are very small in .parison to the main wheels. Manual wheelchair wheels are fitted with tires and tubes just like a bicycle and need air filling to make the chair glide smoothly. If you are disabled and unable to walk, a wheelchair is probably the best thing for you. Today there are many models of wheelchairs available in the market, each with its own features. You need to keep in mind your own peculiar circumstances and requirements in mind before finalizing a wheelchair. It is advisable to not only sit, but also take a test ride so that you know whether you are .fortable sitting and moving the chair around. See that you are at ease with its functions and features, and you exert no extra pressure while moving in the wheelchair. Despite all the innovations in the manual wheelchair, the basic model continues to be the most popular because of the simplicity of design and ease of use. It is also preferred as trouble shooting is easy and if any problem arises, the next door mechanic who handles the problems of bicycles can easily fix it. These days, it is possible to get a customized wheelchair made for a person. This implies that any disabled person need not use the standard wheelchairs available in the market. He can order the manufacturing .pany to make a special wheelchair for himself so that he is .fortable driving it rather than having to make do with what is available in the market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: