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"Marine romance" behind the secret of dazzling visual effects making out – Entertainment Sohu "marine romance" China exclusive poster fox rabbit Nick Judi dressed in grass skirts and Mo Ahna dance entertainment Sohu following the "crazy animal city", this year’s Disney animation masterpiece finale "marine romance" will be released simultaneously in the United States and China in November 25th. This is Disney animation studio produced fifty-sixth animated feature film, tells the story of an adventurous girl Mo Ahna to save her people sail the story. This is the foreign media as "represents the highest level of the Disney film" the continuation of the past Disney animation has a strong team, "the characters + advanced technology level" Disney entertainment + carefully crafted, strength can not be underestimated. But beautiful film showing the dazzling visual effects and rich culture of Oceania Island, also praised the audience as "Disney animation right open". The technical difficulties of its potential and the process of making top secret, Disney Animation Studios President Andrew – Milstein in the last day to China, to uncover the mystery of the audience. The girl wearing a garland Moana eyes gentle story, technology, art three one Disney animation success out "this movie is unique miracle of animation" as Disney 2016 finale, "Romance" by "crazy ocean effects animal city" "super corps" "frozen" cast sword, to ensure a high level of Disney’s animation. In November 10th the "Shanghai ocean romance" media campaign, Disney Animation Studios President Andrew – Milstein in the field to share confidential information secret behind the film, Disney animation dazzling realistic visual effect production process. For this 70% of the time on the ocean animation, the visual effect of water production is the biggest difficulty. The story is set in the ocean, and the entire journey is carried out at sea, covering the 360° no dead water activities. Therefore, the creation of the aesthetic sense of the sea screen has become the first problem to be solved. This "marine romance" production team specializing in the development of innovative technology, to find the most suitable algorithm to the performance of the entire ocean effect, finally presents the water quality of the There was no parallel in history. sense, will definitely bring a amazing ocean journey for the audience. In the previously released trailer, the ocean is not only visible on the scene, but the role of vivid personality, it is the most pleasant surprise "Cameo"; in addition, Moana and Maui personality full of hair also makes its fancy interactions with the ocean full of fun, and these are from the "marine romance" the production team and the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style incomparable effects. From the "frozen" in the world "to the beautiful stunning snow warm heart" in the super Corps boyfriend force MAX white, and then to the "crazy animal city" love interest in adorable "Fox rabbit CP" and the animal kingdom, Disney is undoubtedly in a time to refresh the global audience cognition for high-quality animation. As Disney, President of the motion picture studio, Andrew, said, "every film in the story of the story of the film, the story of the film, the story of the movie," said Mr. Milstein, President of the motion picture studio in the United states!相关的主题文章: