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Matcha milk jelly roll bamboo charcoal – Sohu maternal burst of red network coalballs cake, let me know there are edible bamboo charcoal powder, it is said that it can clear the stomach oh! This volume with the chiffon cake recipe, with cream, Q lip creamy green tea, and the children love the strawberry Oreo broken, not because it is dark color value from seemingly callous appearance, soft as a girl’s heart is taste. Matcha milk jelly material: (light God prescription) milk 125 grams, sugar 20 grams, 10 grams of corn starch, green tea powder 3 grams, 75 grams of cream, gelatin 5 grams of bamboo charcoal cake material: (Jun teacher Matcha Chiffon Cake prescription) 4 egg, sugar 30 grams, vegetable 50 grams of oil, edible bamboo charcoal powder 6 grams, 1 grams of salt, 55 grams of milk (45 grams into the egg yolk +10 grams into charcoal powder) fillings: Cream 100 grams, sugar 10 grams, strawberry Oreo: Changdi Man baking oven broken amount of CRTF32K first, making green tea custard, soaked with cold water, 1 steps: Geely Ding; milk, sugar, corn starch, green tea powder together into the pot, stir, until can’t see the particle state. 2, add the whipping cream, with small fire heating, heating and stirring, turn off the heat until very thick (after the egg pumping stirring will leave traces.) 3, add the gelatin and drain water, stirring to melt. 4, pour into the mold, put cool and then frozen solidification, frozen milk completely solidified, you can make a cake. Bamboo charcoal cake production steps: 1, bamboo powder with the first 10 grams of milk mixed evenly, spare. 2, egg white protein separation, the protein into the oil free water container. 3, egg yolk salt container, break up, refueling, whisk. 4, add milk, stir evenly. 5, add sifted low gluten flour. 6, mix well after adding charcoal mixture, stir until no particles become delicate, egg yolk batter. 7, the protein is divided into three times to add sugar, sent to the wet foam, the protein into the egg yolk paste in the 13, mixing evenly. 8, the rest of the protein into the egg yolk paste, stir evenly, 9, into the oven, smooth, light shock two. 10, put in a good preheating Changdi Man CRTF32K oven, middle and upper and lower fire for 170 degrees 15-20 minutes, 11, baking end, take out to cool. 12, the cake after cooling, the surface of the cake covered with a new oil, pour in the baking line. 13, light cream and sugar until light and not flow state. 14, put the cream on the cake, sprinkle layer Oreo broken. 15, put the sliced green tea jelly roll, wrapped in oiled paper into the refrigerator to finalize the design, finally cut edible. Changdi baked Man cubic tank, the upper and lower tube independent temperature control technology and thousands of embedded luxury configuration, can make the finished product more good soft roll ~ friendship remind: die 1, green tea milk jelly optional. 2, bamboo powder can be mixed with low gluten flour into the egg.相关的主题文章: