Mayor announced the phone number, have time to answer the phone borderland

Mayor announced the phone number, have time to answer the phone? Original title: the mayor announced the phone number, why can always draw attention to the author: Wu Longgui October 27th, mayor of Anhui Province, Bozhou City Bureau of letters and visits in the scene to receive the petition masses. According to the petitioner’s appeal, cannot be solved immediately, Du Yanan patience and petitioners together to find the best solution to solve the problem, and the site announced its own mobile phone number, make the masses have new problems and demands reflect directly to him. The mayor announced mobile phone number, and made it clear that "appeal to me" directly, nothing new. A few years ago, the local party and government authorities announced the number of mobile phone number, private e-mail, has become a bureaucratic fashion. However, often appear such a thing, or will lead to public opinion hot. The analysis, can be roughly two points, first, there is a certain distance between the government and the people, but also the lack of communication mechanism of benign, but officials make people move, will produce a crowd effect. Second, a large number of public demands can not be expressed, activist channels are not smooth, in this context, something directly to me, it is easy to arouse a sense of resonance. For the mobile phone, the mayor announced, praised its courage, have denounced the boring show, more people are well intentioned ridicule. For example, users of the message below the message, the highest frequency of a sentence is the phone you are calling". The implication is that users do not doubt the sincerity of the mayor, but how effective, can insist, is a question mark. The most simple truth, as long as a city, the daily work is certainly not easy, where there is room to answer the phone to visit the people? Can be seen from the reception site, the petition can be a lot of people, if you call the mayor, the mayor busy come over? The mayor’s phone number is more like an attitude and stance. More likely to operate: the mayor announced that it is a similar to the mayor hotline number, the mayor will not personally answer, but by the mayor of the secretary or relevant staff in the maintenance. If so, is far from the expectations of the people. In fact, even if the phone is open to the mayor, the mayor to solve the problem, do not have to exaggerate its significance. In reality, there are some problems can not be resolved for a long time, once the media intervention, leadership attention, they quickly enter the solution to the fast lane, often get the desired results. So in the hearts of many people, to make things big, causing leadership attention, it becomes a shortcut to rights. However, in this case the special type solution, does not have a wide range of sexual reproduction. Because after all, this is a ruled, leadership is more and more prominent, reflecting weak institutional relief. And if the system can not be benign relief operation, it means that public opinion can not be stable and normal security. So say, "everything for the mayor", is not a political story, but it is a problem. Modern government governance, one to talk about professional, two to speak efficiency. The so-called professional, meticulous division of labor is that everyone has the duty of everyone, everyone do their job. The so-called efficiency is to close coordination and cooperation among different government departments, and Wei Qing相关的主题文章: