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Media: "Ma" out of poverty, the key to rely on their own – Beijing for a variety of information about the "small Ma" network recently, Alibaba official responded that this is not a joke, heavy reality. Response pointed out: online about the little Ma, a variety of information, we have also noticed. This should not be a joke or a piece of small Ma behind is a heavy reality: our society there are so many people out of poverty. This year, double 11, small Ma and red. In fact, as early as in 2015, the small Ma on the horse as a result of very similar to the social network in red. Although Ma said he was willing to bear the cost of his school for college graduates. However, it should be stressed that Ma Yun is funding small Ma Yun can only depend on their personal wishes, and can not rely on users to promote. The recommendations of friends, is really out of kindness, but this is not a moral kidnapping. Who knows, Ma know little Ma, after the case, even if there is no recommendation of many users, it can not be indifferent. A small number of people think that after the small Ma fire, local leaders to visit, is the lack of practical basis. Because, small Ma family per person per month to enjoy 180 yuan subsistence allowances, has been able to receive in 2020, these situations have been small ma father and village cadres confirmed. In life, when leading condolences, people always doubt they can also need a rational question. When the real good happens, do not blindly questioned on the sidelines. It should be noted that Ma funded its school, intended to illustrate that knowledge can change the fate, rather than simply use money to support a person. Compared to those who want to ensure that Ma Ma Ma Ma’s life, the tuition fee is not only to the small Ma properly paved, but also to a person standing in the community’s most basic respect. Its direct use of money to change the fate of small Ma, it is better to tell a truth of life – only through their own hard work in exchange for wealth, is their own. Little Ma reflects not only individual misfortune, but also reflects the interests of rural left behind children damaged. They have a heart that wants to escape poverty and loneliness, but also want to achieve self-worth. Let more people understand that poverty can only be changed by their own, enough to express love and goodwill. The only way to make love "heart", compared to the pure material support, spiritual charity more beautiful. In reality, many people want to maximize love and charity, so that "do good in the end, Buddha sent west". However, doing good is a natural act. Whether Ma on the little Ma funding whether to become a gimmick, you should see the heavy reality behind this. (Song Xiao)相关的主题文章: