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"Meranti" expected 15 landing Guangdong and Fujian coastal START II response – Beijing Super Typhoon "Meranti" expected 15 landing Guangdong and Fujian coastal state headquarters started typhoon flood emergency response level of youth online news (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Li Chenhe) reporter learned from the national headquarters of the Ministry of water resources "this year, the fourteenth typhoon Meranti" in September 10th 14 in the Northwest Pacific Ocean 11 generation, 14 strengthening tropical storm, 12 days 2 when strengthened into a typhoon 8, to strengthen the strong typhoon, 11 strengthened as a super typhoon. 13 days 10 when, "Meranti" center is located in Taiwan city in Hualian Province, about 600 kilometers southeast of the Northwest Pacific Ocean, near the center of the largest wind 17 level (65 m / sec), pressure of 90 thousand and 500 kPa, level 7, level 10, level 12 fengjuan radius were 300, 120, 80 km. Expected, "Meranti" will be the speed to the north west direction of 20 kilometers per hour to maintain strength, movement, gradually close to the southeast coast of Taiwan Province, 14 day across southeastern Taiwan after the intensity gradually weakened, 15 am in the morning to Fujian Xiamen to Guangdong Shanwei along the coastal areas, landing typhoon wind (14 ~ 15, 42 ~ 50 meters). After landing, "Meranti" will turn to the northerly direction, 16 in the morning before and after entering the territory of Jiangxi. It is reported that the typhoon has six characteristics. First, direct landing, the path is still variable. Is expected to "Meranti" will pass through the southern Taiwan Strait in eastern Guangdong bus, directly to the south of Fujian along the coast of the front landing, at the same time by the topography, circulation, subtropical high, double typhoon, typhoon three and influence of interaction of multiple factors, "Meranti" later moving path, wind strength may also occur in the new change. Two is the rapid development of the typhoon, the wind is very strong. "Meranti" generated after less than 2 days for the development of super typhoon, just 21 hours to complete from the strong tropical storm to super typhoon "three jumps", landing strength is up to 14 ~ 15 grade in Fujian and Guangdong, will become the strongest typhoon landed this year in mainland china. The three is the storm wave meet, combination is very bad. "Meranti" landing coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival astronomical tide period, coupled with the center of strong wind and storm surge, kuangtao waves, high rainfall intensity, extremely unfavorable situation is likely to form a strong winds, heavy rain, waves, four meet the climax. ". Four rainfall intensity is very large, local repeated disaster. 14 ~ 17, the typhoon affected areas will be heavy rain in some areas, in northeastern Jiangxi, southern Anhui, southern Jiangsu, Northwestern Zhejiang and cold air may be combined with a heavy rainfall process. Fujian, Guangdong and other places of pre disaster heavier, water engineering and infrastructure has not been fully restored, further increase the difficulty of defense. Five North of the inland, the impact is more extensive. Is expected to "miranti" after landing, may develop in Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places, have a greater impact on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the Pearl River Basin and Taihu basin, in these areas, after the flood, many high water level water storage reservoirs, high intensity rainfall easily causes large floods. Six is the landing time相关的主题文章: