Microsoft will repurchase 10% of the company’s stock value of $40 billion (video) visualboyadvance

Microsoft will repurchase 10% of the company’s stock value of $40 billion BI Chinese station on September 21st reported that Microsoft will buy back its own large number of shares. Microsoft said in a statement that the board has approved a new stock repurchase program with a value of $40 billion. The new stock repurchase program does not end the term, you can end at any time. It will also be the Microsoft Corp’s second buyback of $40 billion stock plan. At the same time, Microsoft also said that the company plans to complete the current $40 billion stock repurchase program before December 31, 2016. According to the calculation of the current market value of about $440 billion in Microsoft, the new stock repurchase plan value accounts for nearly 10% of the total market capitalization of the Microsoft Corp, this also means that Microsoft will stock buyback about 10% outstanding. In addition, Microsoft also announced that the board of directors of the company also approved a quarterly dividend payment plan, according to $0.39 per share to the shareholders dividends, the dividend amount than the previous quarter increased $0.03, or 8%. The new quarterly dividend is expected to be issued to shareholders before December 8, 2016 by November 17, 2016. Prior to the payment of a dividend as of November 15, 2016. In Tuesday’s regular trading on the Nasdaq stock market, Microsoft shares fell $0.12, to close at $56.81, down 0.21%. But after the news release, Microsoft shares were (as of press time) rebound, rising $0.61 to $57.42, or 1.07%. (compile the entire gold) Tencent technology opened almost know the agency account! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you. The wonderful video recommendation technology Samsung iphone7 28 assists meow meow what is inside? The United States Business Insider works related to the rights and interests of Tencent Inc exclusive all. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. WeChat public number: BI Chinese station]相关的主题文章: