Ministry of education officials non-profit school does not mean no charge low fees

Officials of the Ministry of Education: the school does not charge non-profit low-cost new network "- not for profit does not mean no charge, it is not the low fees, divided into for-profit private schools and non-profit private schools, the key school founder not participating." Yesterday, the Ministry of education development and planning department director Xie Huanzhong also attended the National People’s Congress for private education promotion law amendment (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the group discussion draft). In an interview with the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, Xie Huanzhong introduction, after the formal adoption of the amendment to the private education promotion law, the implementation of regulatory rules for for-profit private schools will also be issued. The 10 thousand private primary school middle school profit accounted for less than 10% of the Xie Huanzhong said that at present the draft clearly for-profit private schools access areas is not set up compulsory education stage private schools, other stages allowed organized for-profit schools. This is mainly to consider and respect the actual situation of China’s for-profit private schools, but also fully learn from the experience of other countries. From an international point of view, most countries in the basic education stage is not allowed to hold for-profit schools. The stage of higher education, the establishment of for-profit schools, but also to vocational education, but there are not too many restrictions on the establishment of for-profit training institutions. The provisions of this article, mainly because of the special stage of compulsory education, to reflect the responsibility of the state, the obligation of citizens. The public has a high degree of freedom for compulsory education. Xie Huanzhong also mentioned that, according to the current statistics for the year 2015, China’s 163 thousand private schools, there are about 10 thousand private primary school and junior high school, which is in the stage of compulsory education of private schools private schools accounted for about 6% of the relatively small number of. In these 10 thousand private primary schools and junior high schools, the vast majority of non-profit schools, profit seeking and return of less than 10% schools, about 1000. This number is not large, these schools can choose to turn into a non-profit nature. Even if some of these schools are going to quit, it is OK for public schools to take over students. "To be fair to society, there is a targeted support for private schools, and if they are not for-profit and non-profit, the state’s financial support will not be able to enter." The key distinction between for-profit schools are participating founder Xie Huanzhong also mentioned that at present some people think that high school or school is for-profit schools in society, this kind of understanding is not accurate. Charges are not necessarily high profit. Fees are relatively high school, will hire a good teacher, high tuition fees, but the expenditure will be high. These schools are more expensive and costly. Non-profit does not mean no fees or charges." Xie Huanzhong said that the key to distinguish the for-profit private schools and non-profit private schools, the school is to see whether the founder of dividends, the dividend is not the profit, dividend funds for education development is nonprofit. Currently, the implementation of regulatory rules and other supporting documents for profit private schools have been drafted, will clearly define the financial system, information disclosure requirements. After the adoption of the amendment to the law on the promotion of private education, the relevant supporting documents will be issued. Avenue相关的主题文章: