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Business By choosing to use Zairmail to launch your direct mail campaigns you are already saving time and money. However, there are other steps mailers can take to get even more value for their direct marketing dollar. 1. CLEAN MAILING LISTS Whether using a customer list or a list of prospective customers, it is important to make sure that addresses are accurate and deliverable. Accurate lists insure the highest possible delivery rate and speed delivery time. direct mail Mailing lists that are kept in electronic form can easily be updated for accuracy by scanning through manually or using an inexpensive off-the-shelf software. Incorporate these mail file hygiene practices: Keep address records up to date. Promptly incorporate change-of-address information on customers for recent moves. Save returned mail and delete the records associated with these addresses. Use the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) capability as needed. Remember to remove duplicates. This is especially important when merging two or more lists from different sources. Maintain USPS postal standard addresses using postal geocodes, ZIP Codes, ZIP+4s, and Carrier Routes. Employ the USPS Delivery Sequence File (DSF) service to confirm the existence of a delivery address. Zairmail automatically cleans lists uploaded using Zairmail Express Direct. 2. REDESIGN MAIL TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF RATE AND OTHER CHANGES With any change in postal rules and rates .es a need to re-evaluate mail design for the rate categories in which a .pany mails. Assure that the shape and weight do not require additional charges. Design pressure seal mailer with enough flexibility to maximize possible postal savings while enhancing postal delivery performance. This requires knowledge of the rate & rule changes and where new opportunities may exist for optimal savings. 3. TARGET MAIL, A MUST FOR TODAY’S DIRECT MAIL Put the right offer, in the hands of the right prospect, and sales will grow. Put the wrong offer, in the hands of the wrong prospect, and the only thing that will grow is mailing costs! Be sure that the offer matches the recipients (e.g. dont mail a steakhouse coupon to a vegetarian). Know who your customers are and target those with similar demographic characteristics. Use smaller mailings at first to sample the market you wish to reach. Have a .pelling offer and a call to action. Test and measure each mailing’s performance to fine tune the message and offer. Consider using "Or Current Resident" addressing when targeting addresses; if a prospect has moved, the new resident may fit the current best-customer profile. 4. BE .PATIBLE WITH POSTAL PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Make sure the design of mail pieces facilitates easy postal processing so that problems with automated equipment are avoided. For example, some types of copy formats and fonts are difficult for automated postal equipment to read, or make it difficult to identify a return address. Avoiding these snags eliminates the increasing occurrence of "loop" mail mail sent to the return address because postal automation equipment read it as the "delivery" address. . 5. PARTNER WITH POSTAL CONTACTS .municate with the USPS in advance about direct mail advertising events. Describe the purpose of an mail piece, expected mail "drop" dates at a USPS facility, the target delivery date, and other pertinent mail delivery needs. Use preferred USPS partners and vendors, many of whom have established long trusting relationships with the postal service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: