Morgan Stanley FX market worrying, recent or

Morgan Stanley: foreign exchange market is worrying, recent or "reverse market" Huitong network February 12th hearing – Morgan (Morgan Stanley) Friday (February 12th) said that the foreign exchange market has reached a worrying level, the recent or face reversal of the market. Morgan STANLEY said that in recent weeks, the risk assets were rapidly sold, market participants almost every day when things get better, asked again to appreciate the pain caused by market pricing. The downward trend seems unlikely to last forever, but asset prices continue to decline. However, in the middle of this week, the decline in the foreign exchange market became more apparent, and Morgan STANLEY pointed out that this situation is often regarded as a typical sign of the reversal of short-term market movements. Central banks support a temporary rebound in the foreign exchange market. However, the reason for Morgan Stanley’s rebound expectations is not only the source of technology. Morgan Stanley expects central banks to take measures to deal with the recent volatility in the market, and believes the BoJ will take the lead in taking action. Recent losses are huge, and the BoJ needs to adopt new policy measures. However, Morgan Stanley said that the interim view remained unchanged, that is, the long-term return to decline. The reason why Morgan Stanley believes that any rebound in the risk market in the short term is considered to be a selling signal is one of the reasons for the central bank to take loose policy measures in a short period of time, its marginal utility dropped sharply. The Bank of Japan’s experience last week and the trend of the yen are the best examples. Morgan Stanley further added that the BoJ continued to maintain strong expectations of the yen after the BoJ lowered the excess reserve rate to a negative value, but the yen strength was quite surprising compared with the expectations of Morgan stanley. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

摩根士丹利:外汇市场令人担忧,近期或“逆转行情”   汇通网2月12日讯——摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)周五(2月12日)称,外汇市场已经达到了一个令人担忧的水平,近期或面临行情逆转。   摩根史丹利表示,在最近几周风险资产被迅速抛售情况下,市场参与者几乎每天在事情好转时被要求再次领略市场定价所带来的痛苦。单向下降的趋势看似不会永远持续下去,但是资产价格继续下跌。   然而在本周中期,外汇市场跌势变得愈加明显,摩根史丹利指出,这种情形,通常被它们看成是短期市场走势逆转的典型标志。   各国央行支撑外汇市场临时反弹:   然而,摩根士丹利给出反弹预期的原因并不仅是来源技术方面。摩根士丹利预计各国央行将采取措施应对近期市场的大幅波动,并认为日本央行料将率先采取行动。近期跌势承压巨大,日本央行需采取新的政策措施。      然而,摩根士丹利表示,其中期观点保持不变,即长期重回跌势。摩根士丹利之所以认为“风险市场短期内的任何反弹均被视为抛售信号”的原因之一是央行在采取宽松政策举措后短时间内其边际效用锐减。   上周日本央行的经历与日元的走势就是最好的例证。摩根士丹利进一步补充道,在日本央行将超额存款准备金利率降为负值后,它们继续对日元持坚挺预期,但是日元走强的势头较摩根士丹利的预期相比,令其颇感惊讶。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: