Multi city regulation and control of the property market, Chongqing real estate value Highlights –

Multi city property market regulation highlights the value of Chongqing real estate – Chongqing Channel – reporter recently, according to the mother mountain and the North tread plate, found that Chongqing property market is undergoing a subtle change. Take the Zhaomu mountain one million party market as an example, hardcover rooms, September price is 8200 yuan square meters or so, when asked yesterday has risen to more than 9500 yuan square meters. Correspondingly, during the National Day holiday, 19 cities in the country restarted the restriction, restriction and other property market regulation policies. In other cities under the restriction and the purchase of foreign buyers, under the pressure of the Chongqing property market heat up. It is reported that, in the National Day period, Chongqing Hengda 8 linkage, given a 18% off discount, selling houses in an emergency; Chongqing Luneng sales in 7 days is the 500 million single disc in the palace; Deputy 7 day sold 251 sets…… Ming-terng general manager Wu Xiaofei believes that Chongqing’s inventory, from the perspective of the cost of development, after many developers still in a state of loss, moderate price rise is not profiteering, should be reasonable. Chongqing Shengjing field director and deputy general manager Zhang Xin said, many city such as the purchase of the introduction of a series of new frequency that had the most expensive land, expensive flour bread prices triggered. But 9-10 months, a big wave of outsiders into Chongqing home, this is an indisputable fact. Chongqing quasi first tier cities configuration and housing prices are not completely matched, has become a value depression. But if foreign customers too much, resulting in irrational rise in housing prices in Chongqing, may also lead to the corresponding regulation. Zhang Xin further said that the real estate inventory pressure is greater than the current three or four line city first-tier cities and some second tier city, residential and commercial housing inventory is not too much pressure, mainly non residential pressure. It is learnt that the current inventory in Chongqing county is greater than the main city, mainly because of the process of urbanization is different. However, some policies are helping counties to inventory, such as the relocation of industrial enterprises to the county, the introduction of services industry to the core area, and promote local staff home, digest inventory. At the same time, Chongqing county take the lead in promoting the development of the tourism industry, held in Nanping last year’s "Chongqing tourism real estate exhibition attracted iron, Wanda, Jinke, Greentown and other tourist projects appear, then led the county to inventory. In addition, Chongqing is also strengthening the county and the main city and the surrounding areas of traffic network construction, which also constitutes good for the county inventory.

多城市调控楼市 重庆地产价值凸显–重庆频道–人民网  近日,记者到照母山及北区踩盘,发现重庆楼市正发生着微妙的变化。以照母山一百万方大盘为例,精装两房,9月价格还在8200元 ㎡左右,昨天询问时已上涨至9500元 ㎡以上。与之相应的是,国庆长假期间,全国19个城市重启了限购、限贷等楼市调控政策。   在其他城市限购及外来购房者的刺激下,库存压力下的重庆楼市热起来了。据悉,在国庆期间,重庆恒大8盘联动,给出8.2折优惠,卖得房源告急;重庆鲁能在7天时间里热销5亿;世茂茂悦府单盘在国庆7天卖了251套……   铭腾总经理吴小飞认为,重庆的库存量大,从开发成本的角度看,此前很多开发商还是在亏本状态,价格适度上涨并不算暴利,应属合理。   重庆领域盛景董事副总经理张鑫说,多城市限购等一系列新政的出台在于此前地王频出,面粉贵引发面包涨价。但9-10月,一大波外地人进入重庆置业,这是不争的事实。重庆准一线城市的配置与房价是不完全匹配的,成了价值洼地。但如果外地客户过多,造成重庆房价也出现不理性上涨,可能也会引发相应的调控。   张鑫进一步表示,当前三四线城市的房地产库存压力大于一线城市及部分二线城市,而且商品房中的住宅库存量并无太大压力,主要是非住宅有压力。据悉,重庆区县目前的库存量就大于主城,这主要是因为城市化进程有所不同。   不过,一些政策正在帮助区县去库存,如搬迁工业企业到区县,引进服务业到核心区,进而带动员工就地置业,消化库存。同时重庆率先推动区县旅游产业发展,去年在南坪举办的“重庆旅游地产展览会”吸引了中铁、万达、金科、绿城等多个旅游项目亮相,进而带动区县去库存。此外,重庆还在加强区县与主城及周边区域的交通路网建设,这也对区县去库存构成利好。相关的主题文章: