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The newborn "natural gene" detection secret behind the Sohu following maternal pregestational gene screening, and a genetic testing — neonatal genetic testing — are attracting attention. This test from the United States, its original intention is to make the child health intervention plan in advance, disease treatment should be in childhood; and this detection method to Chinese, we have been given new uses: "genius" training program for parents. Neonatal gene detection: detection of childhood intention intervention "disease not long ago, the National Institute of child health and human development (NICHD) and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in 4 hospitals invested $25 million for whole genome sequencing of the newborn, which opened a prelude to the" human neonatal genetic testing ". This is also part of the United States in 2005 after the end of the human genome project to invest heavily in support of the application of genetic testing technology. In the United States, each year, the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) will be admitted to four million newborns, of which 14% of newborns need to carry out genome-wide detection. If the newborn was diagnosed in childhood need intervention in the treatment of disease, his parents will be informed of the test results; but if suffering from adult onset disease, parents will not be informed of the test results. A study by the Kansas children’s Charity Hospital reduced the number of genes in the newborn to within 50 hours. Brigham and women’s Hospital and children’s Hospital of Boston, researchers divided 480 healthy and sick children were randomly divided into two groups, one group received traditional neonatal screening, another group of genome sequencing. In the next few years, researchers will observe how this information affects children’s health, and the results show the children’s parents and pediatricians. At present, in the United States to complete the whole genome sequencing of the pharmaceutical administration need to spend thousands of dollars. A human exon sequencing costs about $one thousand. But on the whole, the whole genome sequencing is still very meaningful. In any case, the development of sequencing technology in the process of benefiting mankind, the newborn should be the primary consideration. If a child is born soon, it will have a great impact on the future of a healthy life. The problem of genetic testing in newborns: how to ensure that genetic information is not leaked?. The acquisition and use of personal information is subject to moral and legal constraints. Assuming that the sequencing of the newborn is universal, who will have the right to know the results of the test, in the personal information or privacy is generally respected in the country, she did not have to deal with the relationship between privacy and genetic medicine. In addition to those who have the right to know the genetic information, who should care for the issue of genetic information, as well as information disclosure, modification, security vulnerabilities and political factors. The law should specify the "who has the right to use". It is now time for policy makers to regulate the country to carry out genetic testing for newborns. Domestic newborn gene testing insider Insider: to meet their parents, genius training.相关的主题文章: