Next Monday, the whole province to cool down light snow day Northern Jiangsu welcome snow-oboni

Next Monday, the whole province to cool down "light snow" on the same day, North Jiangsu welcome snow light news (reporter Xu Cen) "light snow" may welcome snow on the same day." Jiangsu meteorological observatory issued a forecast yesterday, said that from 21 to 23, Jiangsu will have a strong wind cooling precipitation. From 22 nights to 23 days of the day, there will be sleet or snow in the northern and Huaibei regions of the Yangtze Huaihe river. Yesterday, Nanjing had a short solar eclipse, but at night, the rain began to force again, but its stamina was insufficient. The forecast shows that during the daytime, the cloudy mode is recovered and the temperature is relatively comfortable. The maximum temperature in the whole province is about 18 to 20 degrees centigrade. Even so, the small partners should not be taken lightly, because the cold wave is on the road, cooling, snow also picked a good opportunity. November 22nd is the "light snow" solar terms, according to the current forecast, northern Jiangsu snow. "Light snow" welcome snow, it is too romantic, but, the snowfall is not big, can not accumulate, it depends on fate! Follow the snow girl together to cool down, not so happy. Since November 21st, the minimum temperature drop in Jiangsu area will reach 9 to 10 degrees in 48 hours. This cool "cliff", the most obvious is the low temperature into the second -. Jiangsu meteorological said that the coldest moment will appear in the morning of 24, Huaibei area is -3 to -4 degrees Celsius, along the Yangtze River in South of Jiangsu is 2 to 5 degrees Celsius, other areas from -2 to 1 degrees celsius. Most areas will experience "frozen moments"". Nanjing three day weather cloudy to overcast today, sometimes with small showers, 15 degrees ~20 degrees, tomorrow overcast with light rain, 15 degrees ~18 degrees, acquired overcast shower, 14 ~17 C temperature

下周一全省大降温 “小雪”当天苏北迎小雪   快报讯(记者 徐岑)“‘小雪’当天可能迎小雪。”江苏省气象台昨天发布预报称,21日到23日,江苏将有大风降温降水。其中22日夜里到23日白天,江淮之间北部和淮北地区会有雨夹雪或小雪。   昨天,南京短暂地出了会太阳,但到夜里,雨又开始发力,好在它的后劲不足。预报显示,今天白天恢复到阴天模式,气温也比较舒适,全省最高气温在18℃到20℃左右。尽管如此,小伙伴也不要掉以轻心,因为寒潮已经在路上,降温下雪也挑了个好时机。11月22日是“小雪”节气,按照目前的预报,江苏北部地区恰好要下雪。“小雪”迎小雪,实在是太浪漫了,不过,此次降雪量不大,能不能积起来,就看缘分啦!   跟随着雪姑娘一起来的大降温,就不那么讨喜了。从11月21日起,48小时内江苏地区最低气温降幅将达到9℃到10℃。这种“断崖式”的降温,最明显的就是低温一秒进入零下。江苏气象说,最冷的时刻将出现在24日早晨,淮北地区为-3℃到-4℃,沿江苏南为2℃到5℃,其他地区为-2℃到1℃。大部分地区将体验“冰封时刻”。   南京三日天气   今天 多云到阴,有时有小阵雨,15℃~20℃   明天 阴有小雨,15℃~18℃   后天 阴有阵雨,14℃~17℃相关的主题文章: