No lights crossing street vendors Hawking new network accident through a lot – in pigeon blood

No lights crossing street vendors Hawking: new network accident "through" a lot – in Tianjin North news: at 9:30 yesterday, in Hedong District Linke Linke road and road intersection, a white Volkswagen car with a silver Xiali car after the collision, the driver mistakenly throttle as the brakes, crashed into a roadside parked a white TOYOTA car business. The intersection without traffic lights, there are many nearby Lane street vendors Hawking, there is not a small security risk. Reporters on the scene saw the traffic police are investigating the accident evidence. The intersection of a car parked silver Xiali car, damaged the front. Roadside, a white Volkswagen car next to a white TOYOTA business car tail, two cars are damaged. According to the public, Xiali cars along the East-West Road, Volkswagen is traveling in the north-south direction, two cars collided at the crossroads, Volkswagen cars rushed to the street, hit a TOYOTA car business. According to Volkswagen car driver, he just got a driver’s license time soon, his speed is not fast, because in front of a car stop, did not see the Xiali car, then crashed into the. And the Xiali car collided, he accidentally will throttle as the brakes, the accident occurred two times. The reporter saw the crossroads and no traffic lights, and there are many Lane street vendors Hawking, site traffic is very chaotic. Resident Mr. Zhang told reporters, every day there are road Hawking situation. Many people go to shopping malls have chosen to stop the car at the roadside, there are no small security risks. Some respondents suggested that the traffic lights in the intersection, and manage the stalls Jeeves behavior, to ensure the safety of travel. (North network editor Qu Lulin)相关的主题文章: