Note four 2017mba entrance exam skills to solve the problem of logic (video)

2017MBA examination: to solve the problem of logic Pro four skills in our work and life, have a lot of time there are a lot of things together and then panic, don’t know what to do; there is the face of some complicated things we can’t make some choices, these problems besides the experience gap, is the logical thinking thing. In the modern economic society, facing the changing information, some business leaders must have the ability to group quickly sort out these information and draw conclusions, this is what we call the logical ability, in the MBA entrance exam, logic in recent years become a test project, and deal with the logic examination, we need to have some problem-solving skills. The logic problem in MBA examination, MBA China teacher to do a simple analysis for our logic is a discipline of thinking, there is a certain relationship with a person in the years of study, work and life accumulated in the way of thinking. But when the MBA exam is more and more closer to GMAT, MBA logic test becomes more and more standardized, and in problem solving skills. We need to pay attention: first of all, most of the logical questions are not directly needed by logical theory (although subconsciously still need to apply those theories). Therefore, candidates need to do more questions to train their logical problem-solving ability. You know, MBA logical title is extracted from the logical test bank of GMAT test and slightly changed, therefore, some students who have a lot of questions find it often possible to touch the original problem, which is entirely possible. More importantly, doing more exercises can develop the potential logical thinking ability of the candidates, so that candidates can give full play to their logical ability. In addition, although there are some necessary knowledge of logic candidates successfully solving help, but when you do, unless necessary, please do not dwell too much on logic theory or the teacher often introduces "before" and "after", S, P what, because if it cannot apply, it will reduce the problem speed. Secondly, the logical problem is most important to be good from the prolix stem, will keynote the simplification, then stripped out; solution logic is an important skill is needed "on the title topic", we must focus on the stem, don’t fall into a reverie, with emotional color. Finally, the teacher of MBA Chinese network told us that there is a basic idea to solve this kind of problem: first, we should read carefully, and then we can quickly find the clues to find the answers by comparing the contents of the questions and the questions. Then make full use of their usual accumulation of language sense, and strive to accurately understand, analyze and infer the meaning and deep meaning of the sentence or content of the daily language expression given by the problem. The trend of thought gathered in the Ming Dynasty, taking the potential of USTC MBA students entrepreneurship development forum

2017MBA联考备考:解决逻辑题的四个技巧  在我们的工作生活当中,有很多时候有很多事情聚到一块然后就会慌乱,不知道该怎么办;还有就是面对一些复杂事件时我们无法做出一些选择,这些问题除了阅历的差距以外,就是逻辑思维的事儿了。  在现代经济社会当中,面对瞬息万变的信息,一些商业团体的领导者必须拥有迅速理清这些信息并得出结论的能力,这就是我们所说的逻辑能力,在MBA联考当中,逻辑也在近几年成为了一门考查项目,而应对逻辑考试,我们需要有一些解题技巧。  对于MBA联考中的逻辑题,MBA中国网老师为我们做了简单的分析:逻辑是一门思维的学科,跟一个人在多年的学习、工作和生活中积累起来的思维方式有一定关系。但是在MBA联考越来越向GMAT靠拢的时候,MBA的逻辑考试越来越规范,而在解题技巧方面。我们需要注意:  首先,大部分逻辑题目是不直接需要逻辑理论的(尽管潜意识中仍然需要运用到那些理论)。因此,考生需要多做题目来训练自己的逻辑方面解题能力。要知道,MBA逻辑题目是从GMAT考试的逻辑题库中抽取并稍加改动而成的,因此,有些做题目比较多的同学发现经常能“碰”到原题那是完全可能的。  更重要的——多做题可以开发考生潜在的逻辑思维能力,让考生将本身具有的逻辑能力充分发挥出来。另外——虽然有一些必要的逻辑知识会对考生顺利解题有帮助,但是,做题时除非必要,请不要过多纠缠于逻辑理论或者老师经常介绍的“前件”、“后件”、S、P什么的,因为那如果不能熟练应用,反而会降低解题速度。  其次,逻辑题目最重要的是要善于从冗长拗口的题干中,将主旨简化、剥离出来;  然后,解逻辑题目时一个重要的技巧是需要“就题论题”,一定要围绕题干进行,千万不要浮想联翩,带感情色彩。  最后,MBA中国网的老师告诉我们,解这类题一般有个基本思路:首先是要阅读仔细,通过对选项和题干的内容逐一对照,从而迅速发现找到答案的线索。然后再充分运用自己平时积累起来的语感,力求准确理解、分析和推断题干给出的日常语言表达的句子或内容的复杂含义和深层意义。 思潮汇聚明道取势 中科大MBA学生创业发展论坛相关的主题文章: