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Obama Hilary for the first time to respond to the reasons for defeat anpi its lax underestimate the enemy on November 14th afternoon, Hilary defeated Obama in the first press conference (source: Agence France-Presse) China daily in November 15, Hilary · why Clinton lost to Donald · Trump? On this issue, even win the two presidential election, Obama should have the right to speak. According to the British "Daily Mail" website reported that in the afternoon of November 14th, Obama Hilary defeated for the first time to answer a reporter asked, the original proposed implicit criticism is expected to become the first female president of the United States party colleagues, that it should not underestimate the enemy, should not be in the opponent lobbying, when voters further slack. During the day, Obama hinted that the Hilary campaign in the way ahead in the polls some contempt opponents, he said, most of the time this summer and fall, Trump around all over the country, countryside campaign speech, at the same time, Hilary chose to relax. Who won the two presidential election Ever-victorious general said he had gain a complete victory in Iowa, where most residents are white, he can win "not determined demographic structure", but because he spent 87 days, "personally traveled to every town, every market, let as many voters as possible to hear his voice. Obama said that he may be with a small gap lost in some counties and cities, because he is visiting those places, and he in other counties by surprise, because he spent a lot of time in there. This is to encourage colleagues after the election defeat since Hilary Obama publicly for the first time a reporter asked. He admitted that his team failed, everyone will feel frustrated, it is very difficult, very challenging…… But I think it is a good thing, can let the democratic self reflect." "How deep the grassroots, how to let voters know you adhere to the concept, it is facing a challenge to national party." Obama said, in the Democratic Party within the grassroots work and build a bottom-up political dialogue, "the future will produce more powerful results, I am optimistic that this will happen". Obama urged the Democratic Party for the election defeat "not completely discouraged, should remember things change quickly," but the world is not naturally changed, change happens because someone in the back to work." To "fire" Obama believes that Hilary lost one of the reasons is that she did not like Trump excited supporters. Obama recalled last week at the White House "new president" meeting, he said he told the president-elect, he was its ability to inspire passion by voters. "I think from this point of view, he can build a close relationship with his supporters. This power is very strong." 14 evening, Obama took the opportunity to visit Greece, Germany and Peru for a visit of 7 days. Analysts pointed out that Obama’s trip is to complete its policy agenda before leaving office, but also intended to appease allies of the United States, they believe that the newly elected president Trump is unlikely to tear up a binding international agreement.相关的主题文章: