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[old] car driver said the car or have it how long are you going to buy a new car – car owners after many long Sohu can be said that the first thing is to face the problem about the film, everyone must have more attention, also can be said to be more undecided. Today the old driver and you talk about the car, "film" is the need, if we choose the wrong film, what are the consequences. Auto film project has become the owner of the most interested in buying a new car after a car service, and car whether it is necessary to focus the majority of owners has been the core of attention. Now the old driver will introduce you to the main function: 1, auto foil insulation: car film the most important fact is insulation, the owners in the selection of the most valued IWFA when heat insulation film is the car, when the car in the sun, the temperature inside the car often unbearable. The car is not the most heat radiation in the glass film, and has air conditioning will produce expensive cost of gasoline consumption, air conditioning system, with high quality automotive insulation film, can make the car fast cooling, effective insulation. Now the top front block glass insulation film can generally block more than 50% of the total solar heat! 2, car explosion-proof membrane has another important function is safe explosion-proof, explosion-proof function is an important index of automotive film, car owner is also more concerned about the role of. The car is special film quality polyester film as a substrate, the film itself has a strong toughness, and with pressure sensitive adhesive special glass, when encountered an unexpected collision, broken glass will be auto film firmly stick, to avoid unnecessary harm! 3, blocking UV women like, as we all know, the sun’s ultraviolet rays on the skin damage is particularly large, will make the skin dry. Accelerate the aging of the skin, and further make the epidermal cells of the nucleic acid and protein denaturation, skin diseases and other symptoms. And UV all year round. Especially for the beauty of women, UV damage. At the same time, aging, cracking and fading phenomenon of ultraviolet sunlight will cause the car interior materials! For the car you can solve the problem fundamentally, the UV isolation car space, the maximum to prevent the occupants of the vehicle, is subjected to UV damage. 4, anti glare to improve traffic safety, vehicle when driving at night, the strong lights across the vehicle will have harsh glare, deeply uncomfortable, especially in rainy night driving, in serious cases can cause traffic accidents. The glare of the sun film, means it can effectively weaken the dazzling glare. This is a good driving vision for the riders, relieve driving fatigue, improve the driving safety. 5, reduce the consumption of energy saving and environmental protection, oil prices continue to rise, more and more serious social carbon dioxide emissions, energy saving and environmental protection awareness has become the attention, reduce air conditioning load, improve the fuel rate is the common pursuit of the owner. And all this quality of the car can solve your film, good car, you only need to open the air-conditioning, when the car is off the air conditioning temperature. This is because the quality of automotive film can be effective.相关的主题文章: