Or play the role of Kobe harden old new season will become the pick and roll big kill (video) marie digby

Or play the role of Kobe harden old new season will become the roll big kill shook his opponent so you still dare to harden weightlessness in question? The new season of the main roll or harden Tencent sports news September 15th according to CBS sports news, after the last season after the disappointment, the new season will harden back in DAntoni’s tactical system, he will play the role of Kobe harden the former, with pick and roll to kill on hand. 2014-15 season, harden is NBA MVP competitors, but in the 2015-16 season, the situation has changed, in fact, in the past one season, harden per round score, rebounds, assists have increased, but the real hit rate fell slightly to 59.8% from 60.5%, he led the key the position change is difficult for him to play the stable defense, the Rockets also failed as the 2014-15 season that got second place in the west. At the same time, James season per hundred round pick and roll to score 2 points higher than the 2014-15 season, the Rockets new coach de Anthony is a very good roll coach, in 12 years ago, he started a crazy run in the sun, and the roll is one of the magic weapon of success, in the new defensive rules next, harden pick and roll deterrent more, because he is able to effectively create a foul in the pick and roll, roll in the round, harden foul ratio of 13.7%, more than half of Rubio, also like to vidro one point, in addition to the two people, in the remaining players, no one can in this the proportion of more than 12%. While DAntoni will make Harden a better offensive, let him go back to the NBA team, a team of the ranks of the German handsome, he hoped Harden could play a similar role to the former Kobe, making threats by roll. In 2005-09, Kobe is one of the most efficient pick and roll player in the league, in four seasons, he each season with an average of 497 times per round pick and roll to get 100.2 points in the 2009-10 season, Kobe screen efficiency decline, in the 430 round pick, per round got 87.7 points. But in the 2010-11 season, Kobe played the best season since the pick and roll the 2004-05 season after season in 563 round pick and roll, he every hundred round pick to get 102.7 points. DAntoni in the 2012-13 season, the Lakers took over the pointer, he let Kobe more involved in the roll, to maintain the efficiency of the attack, when in season, Kobe participated in a total of 959 round pick, per round to get 99 points, an increase in the proportion of 70% on the basis of the pick and roll, Kobe is still able to maintain such a high efficiency, it has been very rare. If DAntoni will be the same tactics used in harden body, then the beard offensive efficiency will also be further improved, due to the increase of Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon as the three broke up, the rocket new season will pull a more open space, the three ball team will be better than last season, which will effectively the liberation of harden, so that he can easily get rid of the defense, in the 2016-17 season, harden will roll in the field of attack.相关的主题文章: