Oriental network president again Penguin empire is shelling Tencent evade the crucial point trick kimi wo omou melodi

Oriental network president again: Penguin empire is shelling Tencent evade the crucial point modus operandi of sina technology news today morning news November 4th, Oriental network president Xu Shiping issued an open letter to the WeChat team questioned the reporting mechanism not authority, said the looting of public data resources. In response to this WeChat team said that this article is a small probability event exaggerated into a national event, there is misleading, causing panic to the public. Xu Shiping London president once again issued an open letter said that the WeChat team evade the crucial point, look the other way. A new open letter said, the Tencent has always been afraid of people say, do. Tencent believes that the exposure of the nature, evade the crucial point, the dead don’t look the other way. London now has three points: first, the letter said the demands of hope when dealing with the media Tencent official certified public number, not simple; second points, also want to pay attention to the national authorities, Tencent in the media on the shelf Ling prevent; third points, to care about the national authorities, the Tencent did not prevent valuation and on the price, looting of public data resources; at the same time, the WeChat team responded, he expressed the hope that he can explain two questions: first, who is the "news report" breakfast; second, to identify which of the third parties do? Today morning, Oriental Network Editor Xu Shiping President issued an open letter propaganda Tencent Inc holdings chairman and CEO Ma Huateng think, report processing mechanism of the Tencent is not authoritative, against Tencent everywhere public data resources. The cause is because London’s public news, "breakfast" article "why Roasted Duck Street fragrant sold only 19 yuan? ", were reported, and the alleged disinformation pass rumors, title seven days. Xu Shiping has contacted the Guangdong network information office, Beijing Network Information Office for help, but did not advance. WeChat responded that this article is a small probability event exaggerated into a national event, misleading, causing panic to the public. The account has been repeatedly violations, rumors, original statement and other issues. In fact, London is not the first to write an open letter to Ma Huateng enterprises this year, the car is easy to have problems because of suspected induced sharing, sent a letter to Ma Huateng, therefore the two sides taking a loudspeaker to a round of three, and ultimately to the car is easy to held a special conference end. (Anne) the second letter following Xu Shiping Ma Huateng: The Penguin Empire tactic: evade the crucial point, look the other way…… To Ma Huateng’s second open letter Dear Mr. Ma Huateng: hello! I was reluctant to write second open letters. However, your people, through the open channels, everywhere in the distribution of a note. They want to show that our "news" is how the rumor into the breakfast, and always has been so, so, incorrigible, letter seven days are light. Well, if that’s the case, you’ll have to try again to stop our public number. The open letter about the hideous penguin Empire authoritarian, today many people being forwarded. There are good people, do a lot of polls, you are very busy, but you can let go of your hand. It will help your body and mind. The enterprise is bigger, the position is high, some words are different相关的主题文章: