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Great service, highlight the breeze – Sohu — Automobile Excellence & the tenth customer service service skills competition ended [in November 14th, Nanchang Landwind automobile marketing company] high-profile "2016 tenth customer service Landwind service contest in November 13th ended in Nanchang Mu hotel perfect day. This service skills competition with "great artisan style, inheritance of land" as the theme. The contest invited the general manager of Jiangling Holdings Limited CEO Mr. Lu Zeyong and Jiangling Holdings Ltd., vice president of Nanchang Lufeng Automobile Marketing Co. Ltd. Mr. Yang Hu, deputy general manager Mr. Xie Ming came to the opening ceremony, Lu and Yang at the opening ceremony, delivered a passionate speech, now the customer service service on the breeze affirmed, also said the good expectation for the future service work. (Mr. Lu Zeyong, President of Jiangling holdings limited speech and announced the contest started (welcome) general manager of Jiangling Holdings Ltd., vice president of Nanchang Lufeng Automobile Marketing Co. Ltd. Mr. Yang Hu) and the previous contest is different, the game in the specification and creative have significant leap, not only is over the years the number of participants is one of the largest, but also increase the DCRC event of the competition and team innovation, for the technicians, consultants, DCRC set up the theory and practice of examination, and in the post arranged item explanation, exchange of experience, the typical fault case analysis and other aspects, both players show good opportunity skills, and is a good time to learn skills, exchange of experience, can be described as brilliant! The actual operation of the game, the players have to come up with their own special skills, the most professional service skills, and these skills behind the professional service, not only is the originality of service spirit, but also demonstrates the Landwind brand excellence customer service service spirit. In this service competition team and individual harvest a lot, not only to get the appropriate awards, but also in such an exchange platform for the acquisition of a wealth of knowledge and experience. The closing ceremony, deputy general manager of Nanchang Lufeng Automobile Marketing Co. Ltd. Mr. Xie Ming said in his closing speech, the winning team and the players heartfelt congratulations on his future work and a better prospect. (written examination) the service skills competition, as a theory and practical operation of the comprehensive competition, grasp the situation can not only test the maintenance station skills, and communication links open and free for everyone to provide a good platform for the exchange of experience. Each team to learn from each other, learn from each other, thus forming a virtuous circle, is of great significance for the long-term progress Landwind service team of customer service. (the practical operation of the exercise test technician) since the land was established, has always attached great importance to customer service automobile service market, recalling its development history since ten years, Lufeng always adhere to the consumer as the center, in addition to the products on the establishment of a high standard of quality system, strict requirements, in the user experience of the product, attentive service also Lufeng to bring consumers more convenient free. The development of service skills competition not only fully reflects the "active, fast, technical advantages and price" the red suit breeze相关的主题文章: