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Medicine The Ipad is a mini computer that is developed by the Apple computer. It was developed for gaming, video and watching. IPad features a fully functional internet browser which can be used to surf the web effectively. It is a device that offer the features of a smartphones and laptops. The iPad runs on a Iphone OS. It use the multi touch technology for communicating with apps in the IPad. It has a WIFI or Wireless LAN device which can connect to the internet. IPad is available in three storage sizes including 16, 32, and 64GB. The data that are saved in IPad will be stored in the flash drive. The camera connection kit and SD card reader is available from the Apple official site. The SD card can be used to transfer photos and videos from the video camera to the IPad. The IPad is capable of playing video files. Users can only watch videos that are purchased from the iTunes store in the United States. There are thousands of videos for sale on iTunes store including television episodes, cartoons, and movies. The latest movie in the theatre will also be available on iTunes store on the same debut date. ITunes customers can buy and rent the movies. The standard purchase price for a HD movie is $19.99. Video The Ipad video screen measure 9.7 inches diagonally. The high resolution is ideal for watching all types of videos including television programs, podcast, and music video. It will display the video as full size in the screen. It will not create pop up of keypad or buttons. You will be able to concentrate in watching the videos. The lithium polymer battery allows you to watch the video for up to 10 hours without having to recharge the battery. If you want to rent a movie, you can tap on the movie icon in iTunes store. After finding a movie, you can tap on it to preview it. Once you have rent or purchase the movie, the movie will appear in your video gallery immediately. You can then watch it. The multi touch technology allows you to have more control over the video. You can browse the video library according to the cover art of the movie DVD. The movies in the video library are displayed in grid view. When you want to watch a movie, you simply tap it and it will start playing immediately. To switch to full screen view, you can double tap on it. The IPad case provides a way for you to prop the IPad on the tray table in the airplane. In addition, the IPS technology allows you to view the video in wide 178 angles. When the airplane makes a turn, the picture will be displayed in a slanted angle so that you can still view it clearly. The IPS and built in speaker allows you to watch the video with another friend. In addition, you can connect your Ipad to a PC or Mac through a cable. You can transfer the movies, TV shows and video from the computer to the Ipad. This is a great way to create a video backup for your IPad device. You Tube The You Tube app allows you to watch videos from YouTube. The screen has a high resolution, which makes it suitable for watching HD videos. The content in the YouTube are organized in a neat way so that you can watch it. To watch a video, you simply use your finger to tap on it. The touch sensitive screen allows you play, and pause a video by tapping on the appropriate button. If you want the IPad to be displayed in landscape, you simply turn it sideways. By turning it sideways, the screen will immediately transformed into landscape form. You can easily find a video by using the on screen keyboard to type in the keyword in the YouTube search box. When you have found a video, you can bookmark it so that you can watch it later. The videos which you have watched will be automatically saved in the history section in your account. When you visit YouTube again, you don"t have to sign in again. IPad will automatically sign in to your account because it keeps a record of your username and password. In this way, you can easily rate and comment on the video. If you find a funny video, you can email it to your friend. To share a video, tap on the email link. After tapping on the link, you will be redirected to the detail page. IPad will creates an email of the video with the link of your friends saved in your account. In addition, you can share the video to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, orkut, StumbleUpon, LiveSpaces, Bebo, hi5, Blogger and Buzz. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: