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Breast-Cancer Carolyn Emmons made the difficult decision to undergo a double mastectomy to decrease the possibility of her breast cancer recurring, but the choice was one she wrestled with. WickedLocal.. reports that the stay-at-home mother was unsure of what would be best for her, but with the support of her family and friends, and with re.mendations from her physician, she knew that she had to do whatever would help her cope with her diagnosis. Emmons went for her yearly mammogram, that is re.mended for women over the age of 40, and had never demonstrated any risk factors that may have hinted at the possibility of developing breast cancer. But after her mammogram detected two small tumors, she underwent a biopsy and was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. She decided to seek a second opinion, and worked with Dr Dirk Iglehart at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and underwent further testing. Her diagnosis was changed from invasive breast cancer to non-invasive ductile carcinoma in situ. Her doctor re.mended having her right breast removed, but she felt that having a double mastectomy would help reduce the risk of the cancer returning. Emmons underwent the procedure in August, and has been recovering, but still has moments where she has trouble coping with her newly altered body. She credits the support of her family and friends with helping through such a difficult time, many of whom brought food and sent cards following her surgery. She will undergo breast reconstruction surgery in the spring "I just don’t take anything for granted anymore," she told the news source. "It makes you appreciate everything – your family, your friends, life itself." According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), more than 50,000 women will be diagnosed with carcinoma in situ, which is one of the earliest forms of breast cancer. The ACS provides detailed information regarding the different treatment options available for women who are diagnosed with the disease. Because the illness can be diagnosed in different stages, women are encouraged to explore all treatment options with their physician to determine which is best for their particular situation. About the Author: By: Dr. V – I love what I do and do what I love. Every day opens new doors and exciting revelations on how to improve my health and the health of those of you who read this. An exciting new discovery for me was leaning about matcha green tea. Becaus … By: Dr. V – We are so busy living juggling schedules, managing households, pursuing passions that we rarely take time to consider whether our grab-and-go lifestyles are actually working for us. The reality is that convenience has .e at a pr … By: Cancer Hospital India – Diagnosis of Breast cancer is hard enough, without considering the direct and indirect costs associated with breast cancer treatment. Beating your cancer is patients first priority, but financial worries are often not far behind. Most … By: Dr. V – That is a sobering thought, isn’t it? Anyone who has had the diagnosis of Breast Cancer certainly has thought about possibly facing that day. Before you read through this article, please STOP, take a deep breath, sit down and get in a qui … By: Dr. V – When conducting interviews, I am often asked the question, If there is one supplement that would be at the top of your list to prevent and help heal Breast Cancer, what would that supplement be? Vitamin D is the answer. By: Jenson Phillips – There is an increasing number of individuals showing interest and doing free sweepstakes. Many of them have won prizes which excites new sweepers to use their own luck. If you are new within this entertainment arena, it may look difficult … By: Mia Frizzell – One thing about this camera that you will find in honest reviews is that it is not such a smashing hit for videos. The .plete range of digital cameras is available in all leading stores in Kolkata. You dont have to throw the old came … By: Boyce Culley – It really is no wonder why the Nikon D5100 SLR has garnered so quite a few beneficial testimonials the two from critics and end users. The Nikon D3000 has an incorporated Dust Reduction System that eliminates gathered dust from the sensor … By: Dr. V – Mammograms are one of the most popular diagnostic tools that doctors use to detect breast cancer. But is it really safe? In this article, Dr. V discusses the dangers that mammograms pose and explores some alternatives for detecting breast … By: Nickolas Canales – This is creating goods directly as a team rather than doing it yourself. * Properties sold after 5 years or monies re-invested into property have no capital gains tax. If you are not sure of your option, you can ask interior design expert … 相关的主题文章:

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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Electronic cigarettes are currently the best alternative to real cigarettes whose effects are devastating to ones health. When one starts using them they should not feel as if they are missing out because the same way they felt with the real thing is how they will feel with the e-cig thanks to e liquid Australia. It gives the same sensation as the real thing when vaporized. One should know that nicotine is not the only content in the liquid. There is a wonderful aroma together with a sweet taste. Your smoking habits As much as there is nicotine present in e liquid Australia it is important that you know what is the right amount for you. This is where your smoking habits .e into the picture. A light smoker should go for low levels of nicotine. A heavy smoker should not take in a lot of nicotine as this will make them sick and if you are an average smoker you should also go for moderate levels of nicotine. Propylene or vegetable There are two types of bases in e liquid Australia namely propylene Glycol and vegetable glycerin. These bases are what determine the thickness and sweetness of the vapor. They account for eighty percent of the liquid and what you choose depends on the vaping experience that you want. If you want a throat hit that is excellent and a stronger taste then you better go for PG but if you want something sweeter with more vapor clouds then VG is the best. A big number of smokers have been found to be allergic to PG so you can simply start with VG or even enjoy half of both. Flavor, ingredients and quality If the e liquid Australia has no flavor then you can be sure of having a tasteless experience. There are several flavors to choose from namely coffee, menthol, vanilla, tobacco, orange, banana, pineapple, chocolate just to name a few. There are some few bad apples in the business who add harmful ingredients like acetonin and diacetyl. This means that you should check the ingredients and read reviews before buying. Quality is the most important factor of all therefore if you are purchasing an e cig do ensure that it has a pharmaceutical grade. This is the only way to be sure that what you are buying is not only good on the outside but also good on the inside. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Internet-and-Business-Online A home-based business is the ideal set-up for housewives, retirees, part-timers and anyone looking for additional sources of income. It’s easy to set up, inexpensive, convenient and helps pay the monthly bills. While there are infinite ways to earn money while working at home, none can be as lucrative as being a small business marketing consultant. Here’s why: * Low start-up capital Your greatest asset in consultancy is not cash or equipment (although you will need a basic computer setup with an internet connection to start with) but your knowledge, skills and mindset. The best way to earn money is to provide a solution to a problem. Small businesses constantly need fresh input for marketing their products and services in the Internet. With your knowledge in Internet marketing, you can provide concrete solutions for which these small businesses are willing to pay. * No inventory Unlike most home-based businesses that sell items on the Internet, you won’t need to maintain an inventory of goods at home because your product is your skill or service. Your consulting business can continue without you having to replenish or buy new stock. * Recurring monthly income When you are a small business marketing consultant, you get paid monthly for your advice and services. Typically, once you are retained as a consultant, your client is bound to pay a monthly service fee at the start of each month. You not only get paid monthly, your services are prepaid as well! * No transportation hassles Sellers on eBay, Etsy and other eCommerce sites may be earning money from retail or wholesale but they also contend with transportation or delivery costs. While these costs may be transferred to the buyer, sellers have to step out and get their items delivered. As a small business marketing consultant, rendering advice or providing a service is often done over the phone, by email and on the Internet. By working entirely at home, you spend less on gas and parking fees and won’t have to suffer through daily traffic jams. With virtually no commute time, you contribute to a cleaner environment as well. Almost anyone can be a small business marketing consultant these days. Stock knowledge in Internet marketing is a plus but there are excellent resources nowadays that teach the basics and advanced techniques in short and easy-to-follow courses. There are many ways to make money from home, but if you are on a shoestring budget and love helping people, then starting a consulting business is the one for you. About the Author: can make $5,500 (or more) their first week in business? Check out ..ConsultingTycoon.. and see for yourself how our consultants have made up to $25,000 in one month… and… grab your own "Fast Start Kit" membership showing how you can get started today. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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Cisco Ccna Certification Build A Lucrative Career In It By: avanjack | Apr 30th 2014 – The IT industry is one of the quickest growing field within the world. It’s moneymaking, .petitive and might be very exciting. Those curious about .ing into the IT industry will find many various certifications to help improve their career potential. Whereas each Microsoft and Novell has certification programs, Cisco ce … Tags: The Best Hyip Templates For That Much Awaited Surge In Online Traffic By: james martin | Sep 4th 2012 – HYIP or High Yield Investment Program is the newest fads to cash in on the introduction of e currencies. The program has broken many new grounds and its growing popularity has been primarily attributed to its numerous offers on returns that surpass even the best moneymaking programs existing in the market today. Tags: Moneymaking Sincere Demesne Classification By: Eko purwanto | May 20th 2012 – If you have been e’er bought mercantile existent land holding, you belike are introduced with the growth of moneymaking existent class estimate. Plant, if you are of those who mortal been never bought mercantile factual class prop, then you essential to eff clean account nearly all matters for advertising historical … Tags: Eye-catching Hyip Templates To Boost Response For Moneymaking Programs By: Maki villa | Feb 25th 2012 – The popularity of a High Yield Investment Program or HYIP has scaled new heights in the recent past, thanks to the introduction of numerous e-currencies like e-gold. Tags: Five Moneymaking Laws Of The Universe You Should Know By: Robert Anthony | Jan 26th 2012 – When it .es to moneymaking, some rules are truly universal. Let this article teach you the basics of these laws. Tags: What Potential Is Hiding In All Of Your Clutter? By: eWealthDaily | Dec 16th 2010 – Over the past month or so, I"��ve been going through some boxes here in my office. Tags: Moneymaking Online – 3 Tips For Your Thoughts By: Tony Edwards | May 6th 2010 – If you expect to be.e rich overnight by making money on the Internet, then you will probably be very disappointed. Do not get me wrong. There have been fortunes made online and you may very well be the next Internet millionaire, but most often it takes hard work and dedication. Here we will explore three tips on moneymaki … Tags: The Niche: Your Foundation For Successfully Making Money Online By: Roy Ang | Apr 3rd 2010 – If you want to be successful in making money online, you need to identify your niche and focus all your online moneymaking efforts on this niche. Knowing your niche makes your job a lot easier for you. You are also a lot more certain to earn some money when you zero in on your niche. Tags: The 3 Critical Tools You Need To Build Your Own Website By: Derrick VanDyke | Nov 27th 2009 – Your website is the jump-off point of all your marketing efforts – it’s your virtual place of business. This article reveals the three tools you need to build a successful, moneymaking website. Tags: Insane Long-term Moneymaking Ventures By: Ted Ciuba | Nov 11th 2009 – Life is a long-term deal, and it requires insane, long-term, moneymaking ventures if you want to succeed. Whether you decide to refine or invent-or both-you’ve got be on a constant lookout for new ways to acquire the money that should be yours! Tags: Outsourcing Tips And Secrets For Membership Site Owners By: Jeremy Gislason | Apr 15th 2009 – Outsourcing is one of the keys to success if you have a content-based membership site. Hiring qualified ghostwriters can free up your time, so you can focus on the moneymaking and management aspects of your business. Tags: Sure Fire Tips In Creating Your Own Moneymaking Web Content By: Khurram Zaveri | Apr 8th 2009 – Spryka ePostMailer puts the right tools you need for bulk email marketing within easy reach. Now, email marketing is as easy and enjoyable as selling your products. Tags: Travel Medical Insurance And Vacation Insurance By: Marlon Dirk | Apr 6th 2009 – Misconceptions about travel insurance abound, especially with a lot of people thinking that it’s a mere moneymaking scheme for the airlines and travel agencies. This kind of thinking is presumptuous and fails to look at the potential benefits to be had from a travel insurance policy. Contrary to the propaganda, travel insur … Tags: Take Advantage Of Online Moneymaking Opportunities Now By: Chris Robertson | Mar 18th 2009 – With so many ways to make money online, even in this economy, you can choose the opportunity that’s best for you. Tags: Affiliate Program Made Easy By: Alton | Mar 10th 2009 – With affiliate marketing, you need to go through 4 simple steps in order to have a home-based moneymaking system ready to earn money for you even while you are sleeping. Let us first discuss affiliate program in more detail. Tags: The Legal Hoax: An Ex-insider’s Look Inside Financial Services By: J E Rome | Feb 26th 2009 – Making money is one thing. Managing and keeping is another! I worked in the financial service industry for 5 years. What a place loaded with deliberate misinformation! Often times the .mission structure or the normal mode of operations mean the customers are sold products but never educated, nor do Tags: How To Develop The Right Type Of Blogging Content? By: Dalip Kumar | Jan 15th 2009 – Blogging has often been associated as more of a hobby than a serious moneymaking tool. However, in reality, blogging content offers the perfect tool for progressing one’s Internet marketing ventures. You just need to know how to create the right type of blogging content. Once you learn that skill, you could make a lot of mo … Tags: Why An Automated Money Making Business Is Better Than Working All Day By: William Bettler | Jan 13th 2009 – Do you have the type of business that is almost impossible to get away from? If you are working considerably harder than you feel you should this article on an automated moneymaking business will be of interest to you. Tags: 4 Elements Every Money Making System Must Have By: William Bettler | Jan 7th 2009 – The really successful Internet marketers have a moneymaking system in place that allows them to maximize their efforts and profits. In this article we will take a look at the four elements every moneymaking system must have including yours. Tags: Some Outsourcing Tips For Membership Site Owners By: viay karan | Dec 11th 2008 – Outsourcing is one of the keys to success if you have a content-based membership site. Hiring qualified ghostwriters can free up your time, so you can focus on the moneymaking and management aspects of your business. Some think that outsourcing is a waste of money; that’s the wrong mentality. In fact, you’re … Tags: Four Important Question You Must Ask When Searching A Money Making Business Opportunity By: HARSIMRAN SINGH | Oct 26th 2008 – Because there are so many ways to make money on the Internet today you need to take a little bit of time and properly research anything before you join it. In this article let’s take a look at five questions you should ask when you are researching a moneymaking business opportunity before you sign on the dotted line Tags: Blogging: A Moneymaking Tool By: Mark Salter | Oct 12th 2008 – The web log, or blog, has been the latest fad in the ever developing technology. It started out as a personal journal that could publicly be viewed via the Internet. But blogging has be.e more than that. Tags: 3 Ways To Fail On Your Next Money Making Business Opportunity By: Gen Wright | Oct 3rd 2008 – Not everyone who tries to make money on the Internet is successful. As a matter of fact there is a very high failure rate for specific reasons. In this article we want talk about three ways to fail on your next moneymaking business opportunity. Tags: 5 Questions You Must Ask When You’re Researching A Money Making Business Opportunity By: Gen Wright | Sep 26th 2008 – Because there are so many ways to make money on the Internet today you need to take a little bit of time and properly research anything before you join it. In this article let’s take a look at five questions you should ask when you are researching a moneymaking business opportunity before you sign on the dotted line. Tags: How To Use Email Marketing As A Money Making Business Opportunity By: Gen Wright | Sep 25th 2008 – I like email marketing as a moneymaking business opportunity when it is done correctly. Certainly you can abuse email marketing and have it actually hurt you. In this article let’s talk about how to use email marketing and create any excellent opportunity for you to make money doing it. Tags: What Are The Easiest Ways With Which You Can Make Money On Your Home Pc ? By: Gopal Singh | Sep 9th 2008 – There are many different ways that you can earn money on your home .puter. Some methods are more dependable than others, of course, but some methods are proven and very trustworthy. Some of the money making methods require some initial hard work, but once in place only requires a few hours a week. In fact, these are the m … Tags: Do You Want Your Blog To Be Your Main Website By: Sudesh Kumar | Aug 19th 2008 – In the previous article, we discussed how blogs caj help you generata traffic for your main website. But what if you don"��t have anotheR site? Or shat if you want your blog to be your main websitd, the exclusive carrier of your moneymaking ventures� This can be achieved, of course. Such is the versatility of web lo … Tags: Minimize Redundant Tasks In Your Home Based Business And Spend Your Time In Moneymaking Activities By: Carina Franco | Aug 13th 2008 – How can you minimize the redundant tasks in your home based business and spend most of your time in moneymaking activities? Tags: The A To Z Of Bloggin By: Adnann Ahmedd | Aug 12th 2008 – In the previous article, we disc5ssed how blogs ca. help you generate traffic for your main weBsite. But what if you dob"��t have another site? Or what if you want your blog to bE ynur mai. web3ite, the exclusive carriep of your moneymaking ventures? Tags: Do Want Your Blog To Be Your Main Website By: Kamal Kaushal | Aug 4th 2008 – In the previous article, we discussed how blogs can help you generate traffic for your main website. But what if you don"��t have another site? Or what if you want your blog to be your main website, the exclusive carrier of your moneymaking ventures? Tags: The A To Z Of Blogging To Niche Markets By: rimmygill | Jul 14th 2008 – In the previous article, we discussed how blogs can help you generate traffic for your main website. But what if you don"��t have another site? Or what if you want your blog to be your main website, the exclusive carrier of your moneymaking Tags: Earn Money Online: Most .fortable Living By: Mark Farrar | Sep 27th 2007 – The vast majority of online moneymaking opportunities do not work and end up being more trouble than they are worth. However, it is possible to earn money online. Might you want to know about a method to earn $150 or more each and every day without leaving home? Is that something that would pique your curiosity? Tags: How To Use Private Label Right Articles To Create Wealth By: Virginia Sanders | Apr 19th 2007 – Ask any Webmaster a simple question. How many PLR products and articles do you have on your hard disk gathering dust? They will tell you that they have hundreds of articles taking up valuable disk space. These Private Label Rights articles could be online making these webmasters thousands of dollars in in.e … Tags: Home Based Business Opportunities Are Not For Everyone By: Tobias Smith | Apr 16th 2007 – Millions of people dream of starting their own home based business. With the increased use of the internet, there are now more home based business opportunities than ever before. As long as one has a decent .puter and a half-reliable internet connection, a world of moneymaking opportunities will open for even the dullest … Tags: Hungering For Internet Success? Try Plug-in Profits! By: Tom Taito | Feb 19th 2007 – Many people are aware of the moneymaking potential of the internet but simply dont know where to begin. After all, there is a bewildering variety of internet programs that promise people success, but are later found out to deliver failure. What most people need is a starting point; a place from which they can launch their i … Tags: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Top-rated Moneymaking Program! By: Paul Megan | Jan 17th 2007 – Things have changed a lot in the last couple years. The home-based internet business technology has exploded, making it easy to get aboard with a minimum of effort on your part. Tags: The Huge Secret You Need To Know About Moneymaking Programs! By: Paul Megan | Jan 14th 2007 – If the time has .e for you to make a move, then you want to huge secret of premier moneymaking programs on the internet. Tags: Finding The Value Of Work At Home Opportunities By: Jeffrey Houdyschell | Oct 22nd 2006 – How to determine what are legitimate moneymaking work at home opportunities. Tags: Ten Excellent Ways To Make Some Serious Cash Online By: Allweb | Aug 10th 2006 – There are many ways to make money online, but not all of them are as profitable and easy to master as the selection of ten business opportunities presented here. The first and most important step in earning cash online is to be informed – so what are you waiting for… read on! Tags: Make Money With Your Blog By: Danny Warner | Jul 21st 2006 – Blogging for cash is a simple concept, but a lot of people seem to be blogging for free. There"��s no point in driving traffic to your blog without having some way to profit from all of that traffic. Once you"��ve taken the time to research keywords, plan your blog posts and set up your blog, the next step is to add moneyma … Tags: Must Know Secrets For Using Keywords With Blogs By: Danny Warner | Jul 18th 2006 – If you"��re interested in using the power of blogs to make loads of cash quickly and easily then you need to get to know the process of keyword research. Once you"��ve decided on a topic for your moneymaking blog, and picked some products that are relevant to the topic, you"��ll need to do keyword research to drive traffic … Tags: The Benefits Of Buying From Me! By: Leonard Bartholomew | May 14th 2006 – The secret of online moneymaking success? Build a better mousetrap. Tags: Giving The Power To The Consumer By: Robert Imbriale | Feb 21st 2006 – Wel.e to the Information Age! That’s right, we are no longer in the Industrial Age, and haven’t been since about 1989 – the moment the World Wide Web came into existence. I have personally been online now since 1984 and have seen the Inter. grow from a text-only system used only for research and informat … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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Martial-Arts Hoje vamos falar com quem gosta de praticar esportes. E tambm para os consumidores de materiais esportivos, claro. Isso mesmo! Se voc realmente curte produtos esportivos das grandes marcas como Nike, Wilson, Adidas, este artigo para voc. Caso tenha interesse por qualquer coisa relacionada a skate, roller e qualquer esporte radical, continue lendo. Ou talvez voc seja algum apenas interessado em manter o fsico em dia. Na internet voc pode adquirir material esportivo por baixo custo. Sem comprometer a qualidade. preo baixo aliado a produtos de marca. E compra diretamente na sua cidade! Uma das lojas destaques do ramo a Terra do Esporte ( ). A Empresa A Terra do Esporte uma das principais lojas de artigos esportivos da internet. focada no comrcio eletrnico localizada em Curitiba/PR. Qualidade, variedade e inovao so os critrios utilizados pela nossa equipe para a seleo dos produtos que oferecemos. Somos uma empresa dinmica. Est sempre antenada com as novidades do mercado. Tudo para manter nosso estoque atualizado. Temos sido reconhecidos no mercado esportivo. Saiba porque: – Nossos preos esto abaixo da concorrncia. – Entrega Rpida. Os pedidos so despachados em no mximo 1 dia til aps a entrada do pagamento. – Facilidade na negociao. – Ampla linha de produtos aliada a um poderoso estoque. – A compra na loja totalmente segura e criptografada. – A Terra do Esporte uma marca forte no Mercado. – Pagamento facilitado. Aceitamos carto, boleto, depsito, transferncia eletrnica, entre outros. O que oferecemos Oferecemos uma grande variedade de artigos esportivos para diversas modalidades esportivas. S vendo para crer! Temos uma linha completa de produtos para Lutas e Artes Marciais, Fitness, Badminton, Tnnis, Basquete, Vlei, Futebol, entre outros. Oferecemos em nossa loja produtos de grandes marcas como Adidas, Nike, Everlast, Pretorian, UFC, Polar, Suunto, Wilson, Rudel entre outros. Encontre seu produto preferido e junte a milhares de outras pessoas. Comprar na Terra do Esporte o mesmo que ficar satisfeito com uma compra de material esportivo. Destaques da Loja Alguns produtos premiados que vendemos: – Luva de Boxe Everlast Preta Pro Style Training – Kit proteo adulto Hondar – Aparador de Chute Extra Grande Fheras Encontre o que h de melhor em material esportivo: ..terradoesporte…br Temos timas promoes para voc: (41) 3077-2134 Mande-nos um e-mail: [email protected] 相关的主题文章: