Harbin, a concrete factory was forced to take the primary school environmental protection agency the www.szxcn.cn

Harbin concrete factory was forced to go to primary school environmental protection bureau: procedures – Sohu press Ning commercial concrete hospital muck, outside the hospital is a private house. Those who broke the news for the school and residential areas so close, I do not know how to approve the concrete factory." In October 31st, Heilongjiang Harbin Jiangong village Shuangcheng District villagers to surging news () complained that the house opposite Haoning tens of meters outside the concrete manufacturing company limited production for many years, "forced out" of a primary school, to the life of the residents has a great impact to the environmental protection department, they have repeatedly complained to no avail. Shuangcheng District Board of education staff confirmed that the primary school students have moved out, but also the reasons for the pollution of the concrete company. In November 1st, the director of the office of the Shuangcheng District Environmental Protection Bureau to surging news that the concrete Haoning Manufacturing Co., the EIA procedures, but did not take the approval process. Shuangcheng District Environmental Protection Bureau, said Zu Guiqiao, director of the environmental monitoring unit is handling the matter. Then he stopped answering the phone. He sent to the surging news captain phone, as of press time, has been in a shutdown state. Bureau of Education: primary school to move out of the cause of pollution, a number of complaints, but no one tube." In October 31st, all the villagers Guo uncle said, Haoning Concrete Manufacturing Co. Ltd was built six or seven years, covering dozens of acres, from his home just across the street. Every day there is a car out of the concrete factory, rolled up the dust to the roof, windows are gray, even the schools are forced to go". The picture sent to residents in the vicinity of the concrete factory, a company outside the gates of shuzhuo "Haoning commercial concrete" signs, the next one is the yard construction, construction of kindergarten primary school. Shooting in the primary school gate photo shows the concrete factory cement tank and the school is only separated by a wall in front of the school gate side of the road, is full of concrete waste spilled. While taking concrete materials in the hospital Haoning heap, no cover.相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen people beat the police car was forced to kneel down police said the apology to the parties winsockfix

The people of Shenzhen beat police illegal police said it was pressed down to the party apologize Beijing according to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported the afternoon of November 4th, Shenzhen Mr. Lee and his wife drove by Sheng Po and cloth LAN Lu over the red light intersection, see a police car, illegal lane change will get off the camera, a dispute with the police. 6, Shenzhen police said that micro-blog was informed of the matter, the police advice is Mr. Li not to take photos in the driveway, Longgang police have apologized to Mr. Li, the inspector has arranged for the departments involved in the investigation. Informed that the Longgang Buji Police Brigade squadron of police Li Yang led the three auxiliary police officers driving police out of the police, because the road traffic affected the normal car, there are passengers and drivers use a mobile phone to shoot the police line in the vehicle lane change, they don’t get off the police persuasion to continue shooting, but repeatedly advised invalid, ordered the two men forcibly from the roadside and dispute. Bulletin also said that the Shenzhen Municipal Traffic Police Bureau of Longgang brigade leadership attaches great importance to the representatives of the brigade, squadron apologized to the parties, the police also sincerely apologized and made the understanding of the parties. At present, the higher authorities have been assigned to supervise the transfer?. Reporters learned that Lee is a car passenger, driving his wife. Lee introduced to see the police car compaction line lane, he got off a few photos. Mr. Li said, he just want to send photos to my circle of friends talk about this thing, but was a police and a co tube to pour in the roadside. Scene pictures show that Mr. Lee kneeling on the roadside, on both sides of the station, a man in uniform, one of them with his hand, and the other on the phone. He told reporters that the police and relevant leaders have apologized to him.相关的主题文章:

SUZUKI official statement we do not exist as the public hhh49.com

SUZUKI official statement: there is a day before the fraud storm SUZUKI 26 models of the fuel consumption as we do not like Volkswagen, SUZUKI officially announced, previously tested fuel efficiency standards and emission tests and not a Japanese official (running resistance value) and the resulting misalignment, the Japanese Ministry of transport (MLIT) has been for fuel the efficiency and emissions of SUZUKI models were re tested. The test results also show that the fuel efficiency and emissions of SUZUKI models are standard. The day before the outbreak of the 26 SUZUKI car fuel fraud storm, the Japanese official re test, the data showed that the standard. MLIT Japanese cross province announced the test results of standard, SUZUKI retreats earlier, SUZUKI in May 18, 2016 was involved in fuel fraud, after the Japanese Ministry of transport (MLIT) in May 31 announced the results of the investigation, a total of 26 vehicles while fuel consumption test method at first and the official is not the same way, but after the official Japanese the retest, found that the fuel consumption data than SUZUKI to submit the results to be excellent, does not constitute fraud, so retreats, and in August 30, 2016, SUZUKI also issued a formal statement, allowing the owners peace of mind. SUZUKI issued a formal statement, I am sorry for the storm caused by this. SUZUKI also said the previous standard test standard and the Japanese Ministry of land, and the different cost of the storm, which caused inconvenience to customers and worry quite sorry, and later will avoid such things happen again, will also strengthen internal management and staff training, arousing public confidence in SUZUKI.相关的主题文章:

Beijing denied the next round will receive congestion fees to the official release – energy – People ajviewer

Beijing denies the ring will be the congestion charge in the official release for quasi – energy – people.com.cn Beijing Morning News Hotline news recently, the network transmission Beijing new road traffic and vehicle management measures will be implemented in 2017, "said ring time congestion charge". The article also said Beijing license plate will be divided into "Beijing" prefix and the "first" prefix, "Beijing" is the first single and double limit line vehicles will be. Beijing morning news reporter yesterday from the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Commission and other departments that did not get the notice, the staff advised the public not to believe in, the official release shall prevail. The day before, a "new measures for the management of traffic and vehicle road in Beijing will be officially implemented" in the 2017 article on the internet. The paper said that in 2017, two loop time congestion charges; within the fifth ring plate for the "first" prefix, five license plate for Beijing prefix. The "Beijing" prefix vehicles will be single and double limit line. Reporter yesterday by 12345 hotline, the Municipal Transportation Commission and the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau service hotline staff at that, several parties have not received notice of the above content, "the official release to prevail, advised the public always pay attention to the relevant ministries website and regular media news release". (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章:

The steam store officially supports WeChat to pay the chop hands more convenient 7470d

The Steam store officially supports WeChat to pay the chop hands more convenient Steam shop has joined WeChat to pay the settlement of support. After WeChat before Alipay has supported the payment method of payment was removed, the domestic game player in Steam billing page select the most is the cup. And now intimate G fat in order to facilitate better shopping, has joined the WeChat payment. Now the chop hand will be more convenient. In the store checkout page, we have been able to see the icon WeChat paid, and can choose Wechat as payment. Then jump to the payment page, scan two-dimensional code to pay. However, in the steam power forum, there are players react, the payment does not support the return of WeChat bound bank card, and can only be returned to the Steam wallet. But in the Steam payment page did not see the obvious tips, we are also verifying the information. Please pay attention to this before shopping. Refund issue on October 29th at 1 in the morning Halloween special will begin, this time V agency launched the WeChat payment…… It’s obvious there’s a plot in G! (source: gamersky editor: D) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: