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SEO We put a lot of effort into protecting ourselves from intruders in the physical world. We lock the windows and doors of our house, install security systems, lock our car doors, and keep our money and important documents safe, secure and hidden away. But when it .es to protecting our information on the Outer Banks internet, we may not always apply the same practices. Hackers have been .ing up with advanced ways to guess at our passwords and retrieve our personal information. What are some of the best practices when using passwords to protect your information? 1.Dont use the same password for more than one account. This is probably the most .mon mistake that people can make. With so many different accounts online, people think that its a good idea to .e up with that one perfect password to use for everything! They form such a .plex string of letters and numbers that they be.e confident that no one could ever hack into their accounts. This may be true, but in the rare case that someone is able to hack into just one account, the effect would be catastrophic. It would be the equivalent of using a single key for everything in your lifeyour car, house, safety deposit box, storage, etc. You lose that key, you lose everything. If remembering a different password for every single one of your accounts is just too much to bear, at the very least make a different password for each separate account (i.e. public, business, personal and financial). 2.Creating a password. When on Outer Banks internet, avoid creating a password that uses your first, last name, or initials, your user name, birthday, pets name, childs name, Alma mater, or hobbies. Use a mix of letters and special characters when choosing a password. Avoid using any .mon dictionary words as your full password. Remember that even if you do substitute letters for similar characters such as 3 for an e, powerful .puters can still guess at these. Use at least 8 different characters when choosing a password. Also, keep in mind that with some systems, any characters after the first 8 dont even count, even if they allow you to use more. 3.FormingSecurity Questions These questions are supposed to give users extra reassurance. Used incorrectly, however, they can give hackers an even greater shot at infiltrating your internet defenses.Its frighteningjust how much information people can obtain about you through the internet. So, when .ing up with answers to those simple questions, dont use real answers, and dont use the same answer more than once. Hackers can easily glean information about you via social media or even simply searching your name via Outer Banks internet. 4.Tips for generating a strong password if youre uncreative like me, .ing up with a password on your Outer Banks internet that is both strong and easy to remember is extremely difficult. One simple idea is to .e up with one of your favorite phrases, quotes or song lyrics and pick out the first character of each word to create a password. Capitalize a letter, replace a vowel with a number or add punctuation to add .plexity and length to your password. The longer your password, the better. Also, do take note of when you changed your password and keep changing it frequently. 5.Password Donts dont write down your passwords for other people to find them. Dont even leave them in a place where people can find them electronically via Outer Banks internet. Dont send a password in an email, keep them online in a file, embed them in a script or store them in a document. Take great care when safeguarding your passwords. When using multiple words to make a password, dont use any .bination that is obvious, such as using a color and the name of a flower. Also, dont think that writing a simple word backwards is going to trick anyone. For a more .prehensive list of how to protect your passwords on Outer Banks Internet , contact your local IT experts. You shouldnt have to constantly worry about your online accounts. When you create strong passwords and change them often, you should be able to rest a little easier. Remember these best practices when creating passwords and security questions and your accounts will instantly be.e more secure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: