Pearl River Delta travel Shenzhen per capita congestion loss largest Internet industry up to the max

The Pearl River Delta: Shenzhen travel per capita congestion loss is the largest Internet industry most overtime drops released big data: Shenzhen Pearl River Delta travel per capita congestion loss is the largest Internet industry most overtime each reporter Chen Pengli the afternoon of September 6th, released 2016 "travel drops of the Pearl River Delta City Smart travel data report". The report shows that Guangzhou is the most congested city, but Shenzhen’s per capita congestion costs in the first place, up to 4357 yuan, followed by Guangzhou. In addition, most of the people in Shenzhen to work at 8:28 in the morning, leading Guangzhou to become the most industrious city. Daily economic news reporter noted that the Pearl River Delta most companies in the list of overtime, Shenzhen occupy five seats. Kexing Science Park and technology building, Malata ranked first, two, HUAWEI Industrial Park, Netac building and SKYWORTH semiconductor design building on the list. In cross city commuting, Internet practitioners use the most. The highest per capita congestion costs in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou and other 9 cities in the Pearl River Delta city, Guangzhou, the Pearl River delta. According to statistics, in 2016 1~7 months, the Pearl River Delta region to achieve the total amount of intelligent travel 620 million passengers, of which only the morning and evening peak day, Guangzhou, Shenzhen together up to the amount of intelligent travel on a daily basis of up to 700 thousand passengers. The highest penetration rate of intelligent travel in Shenzhen, followed by Guangzhou and Dongguan. According to the large data monitoring drops, 2016 1~7 month congestion is the most serious city in Guangzhou, Shenzhen ranked second, the peak congestion delay index difference between them. However, congestion costs are higher in Shenzhen than in Guangzhou. The report shows that in the first half of this year, due to traffic jams caused by the loss of up to 4357 yuan per capita in Guangzhou, followed by Shenzhen, for $3917. Shenzhen compared to Guangzhou, congestion caused by a loss of 440 yuan per capita. Drip trip told reporters, congestion loss is calculated by the average hourly wage multiplied by the city in the first half of 2016 due to congestion caused by the increase in the average commute time. Interestingly, the data analyst Wang Zhanwei told the daily economic news reporter, this year, the Pearl River Delta nine cities continued to heat up prices. Large data show that the starting point or destination for the real estate trading center, the real estate property level center and the center of the loan fund intelligent travel volume rose sharply year on year. Science and technology Internet companies up to the daily economic news reporter was informed that Shenzhen and Guangzhou is the Pearl River Delta region commuting time and distance of the longest city. The average distance to work in Shenzhen is 17.9 kilometers, to spend an average of 43.5 minutes, while Guangzhou white-collar work an average distance of 16 km, Guangzhou white-collar work average time consuming in the whole Pearl River Delta ranked first spend an average of 46 minutes. Shenzhen Pearl River Delta to become the first to come back, the last of the most industrious city. Large data show that most of the people in Shenzhen in the morning 8:28 or so to work. The Guangzhou people to become the third city of the Pearl River Delta, the average travel time is 8:31. Shenzhen office workers overtime to 21 after the proportion of 36.9%, this data is also ranked in the Pearl River Delta相关的主题文章: