People’s daily approved the construction of talent image project not re planning and matching marie digby

People’s daily number of talents construction planning and image project: not heavy, Beijing – a friend in a cited project, this thought could be great, can not think of the local does not care about his professional skills, also do not care about his growth plan, just need his "aura". The relevant person in charge, "let you do ability". Signed a contract for 5 years, may be a waste of time to stay, leaving the face of high liquidated damages. Friends encounter is not a case. When some places in the introduction of talent, one-sided emphasis on talent title and honor, non returnees do not". What is more, the introduction of talent to complete only near the famous, all personnel image project construction. The most important talent development planning and post matching, often overlooked. "The industry is not difficult, it is difficult to be virtuous; must be difficult, difficult to use; non use of the difficult, difficult to do." The first step is Zhuchaoyinfeng personnel, with the time is the core content. For all kinds of talents to display their talents to provide thoughtful service and a broad stage, so that they can design their own, to their strength, to make the best use of talent resources in order to truly become the first resource for economic and social development. (Hu Yuanzhi)相关的主题文章: