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Business Semi-precious beads form the core of all jewelry items nowadays. They are presently the most widely used components in ornaments. Indian Beads owing to its unique aesthetic appeal as well as vivid colors are becoming increasingly famous among those who are passionate about the modern day fashion. Pink Opal beads and Aquamarine Beads are two most interesting gemstone items used to create attractive jewelry pieces. Owing to this the number of good quality aquamarine beads or pink opal beads exporter is also seeing a significant rise. The Pink Opal is formed out of hydrated silica along with water as well as mineral structure in the gemstone. This opal includes 6 to 10 % water and has traces of silica spheres in 3-D manner. Since water is trapped inside this gemstone it gives a translucent look. The elegant and stupendous appearance of this gemstone makes it stand out of the rest and makes it known as queens of gems. The sophisticated look of this gem has made it very much suited to form a part of royal treasury. Twenty five percent of opals are used to make ornamentation, jewelry as well as collectors market. They are generally valued on the basis of their unique patterns and designs. It is also used in some therapy practices. Aquamarine Beads are the other gemstone beads which are used widely in making popular jewelry pieces. As the name suggests this gem is believed to have the properties of seawater. It is beautifully blue in color (thought the shades may vary as different shades of blue) and is used extensively to form bracelets, armlets, necklaces, etc. Aquamarine gem beads can be used in many ways today. Though jewelry making is an important application Aquamarine can be used in various craft projects. They are not that expensive however are very beautiful in appearance, this factor accounts to their popularity. There are a number of Precious Beads Exporter as well as semi Precious Beads Exporter spread across India. Not only are the Indian beads known to be affordable but they are also good in terms of quality and product value. India is growing to be a very popular source of beads and gemstones. There are a large variety of semi-precious beads India exports. If you are looking for a reliable Precious Beads Exporter you can easily find reference to one in the internet. In fact you will find more than one. You can then compare the options and choose the one best suiting your conditions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: