Planning A Party In Pattaya-tianbi

Travel-and-Leisure Many folks go to Pattaya, Thailand and celebrate some occasion while they are there. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, divorce, or nothing in particular, there are plenty of party venues to schedule your special event. I have been going to Thailand for over 30 years, have made numerous friends there both Thai and Expat and highly re.mend the following venues: 1. The FLB bar owned by Martin and managed by Ricky down on Walking Street past the big tree this is a very friendly hostess bar that will cater to your every whim. For about 12,000 Baht, about 300 dollars, you will have the time of your life. Excellent food from the Sportsman bar, great, live entertainment from the Ugly Brothers band and some of the friendliest ladies in Pattaya. Martin also runs an excellent forum at pattayatalk… 2. Cherry Bar on Soi 8 and owned by a very friendly Brit Adam. Adam has devoted his life to making this bar successful on a street lined wall-to-wall with similar bars. He does an excellent job of promoting his quaint little bar and bends over backwards to make you feel at home. And, you don’t even have to be a Brit to have a great time here. 3. Lennies Bar on Soi Diamond between Walking Street and 2nd Road Paul, the manager, will ease all of your worries and make you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. As Eric Clapton said, this place will ease you worried mind. Parties can be arranged easily just see Paul. 4. Tequila Queen #2 just off of Walking Street and partially owned by Bob of Bob’s BBQ small, air-conditioned go-go bar that guarantees great food and a super time. It may be small, but the fun will be huge. 5. Secrets Bar Last but not least by any means. Ben used to be the manager at FLB but has moved onward and upwards and has set up his own bar, restaurant and hotel the Secrets Hotel and Bar. On Soi 14 just off of Walking Street Ben will ensure that you will have a super time. Ben is the host with the most and I have known him for over 7 years he will take care of all your needs. Ben also runs a great forum at pattayasecrets… The restaurant at Secrets food you would not believe, caters parties here. So, if you are heading out to Pattaya, plan a party. It can be for any occasion or just for the heck of it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: